Guide to have the best e-commerce optimization in 2021 (+ tips)

If in 2021 you want to make your business the center of attention, you will need to know what are the best forms of e-commerce optimization you can apply. Here, we’ll show them to you and give you some tips to make your plans come through the way you expect them to.


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Basic notions of e-commerce optimization

How do I optimize my e-commerce site? Many people ask themselves this question when creating an e-commerce site. It’s a logical thing to do, since it takes a lot of effort to make our store produce good results.

Well, one of the keys to this is to maintain an optimized site through basic elements such as those shown below:

Use of keywords:

This requires a previous analysis, so that you can use the ones that will really help position your business. You should look at which ones have more competition and which ones users prefer more.

Store layout

The most important thing is to sort by categories and tags. But you shouldn’t take a random approach to this. Rather, make an outline to help you distinguish one from the other. This will even help you use appropriate keywords that lead to a better positioning.

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The use of images, especially on the home page and on the product page, is essential. In each of these spaces it fulfills a functionality. This action, handled properly, is a basic aspect of e-commerce website optimization.

Conversion optimization strategies for your e-commerce

How to improve the CTR of an e-commerce

We all want our store to have a higher percentage of clicks as this increases traffic to our business. To improve it, we may consider the following aspects:


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Consider that the meta title is the first thing users see when they get to a page that catches their attention. Now that you know this, focus on making it interesting and inviting them to click. Use a keyword in it and let its description reveal what the customer will actually find if they decide to enter the site. Likewise, make the meta description attractive and make sure it’s well-written.

Enriched fragments

When star ratings, prices, etc. are displayed, click-through rates increase. However, in order to add these fragments, you will need special modules for your e-commerce site.

The influence of the brand:

Branded keywords always have a much higher click-through rate. So don’t forget to add it when you offer a product, especially if it’s a well-known one.

CTR based on sales funnel position:

It’s possible that keywords in different parts of this funnel will generate a different CTR. Keywords that include words like “buy” or “price” indicate that the user has probably already made a choice. So they will be more inclined to click on search results based on this.

Basic metrics to measure e-commerce performance

So far, what we have discussed has given us some insight into what e-commerce optimization is. Now, in order for our e-commerce to grow and sustain itself, we also need to know the data that allows us to track what’s working and what’s not. In this sense, we must consider a set of essential metrics, which will allow us to make the necessary adjustments at the right time.

Performance analysis

t is very important to perform an analysis of how our websites and ads are performing and where the traffic is coming from. Through this tracking, you can examine click-through rates, audience demographics, cost per conversion, impressions, among other trends over a given period of time.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is nothing more than the percentage of users who actually buy something from us when they visit our store. It is calculated by taking the number of customers who purchased the product and dividing it by the total number of people who visited the site. The result of this operation is multiplied by one hundred.

CRO tips that will help your e-commerce in 2021


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

This value indicates the engagement that our e-commerce site is having. It relates to the total number of purchases that a potential customer would make over time as long as they remain loyal to the brand.

Average order value

This metric is achieved by dividing the number of sales by the number of transactions. This value is important to know if customers tend to look for a specific product.

Average acquisition cost

It helps us measure how much it costs to find a new customer. In this analysis, we will explore all our traffic channels: social media, online ads, referral websites, among others. Thanks to this we will be able to place our money in a medium that can really give us benefits.


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5 tips to optimize your e-commerce

Here are five e-commerce optimization tips that will greatly improve your business:


  • Optimize the web design of your business: Personalization, photographs and illustrations will help with this goal. Your store’s web design has to be able to capture users’ attention in a matter of seconds. Make it easy to pay via mobile.
  • Improve product presentation: Visual content is very important, but also the description of the products is essential to attract users to the store.
  • Generate a meaningful experience: It is proven that when a user has a pleasant experience visiting a store, they are very likely to buy and return. The conversion optimization of your e-commerce site can be achieved if you offer a good experience. Learn to set up an e-commerce business.
  • Optimize shopping cart management: Doing so will allow you to detect dropouts and give you the opportunity to recover them. However, you must analyze how the user behaves on your website. Also, get to know the top cashless payment companies that will make your shopping secure.
  • Improve delivery and post-sales service: For this, you need to take care of personalized and multichannel service. What we will seek is to give satisfaction to our customers through fast deliveries in the established times. Get the best online payment providers.

The optimization of your e-commerce site can be achieved in 2021 if you follow the guide we’ve provided. At PayRetailers, we want you to get good results and that’s why we give you the help you need to generate higher conversions in your business. Contact us. We assure you that you will do very well with us.

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