The safest payment method when buying online (without cards)

safest payment method when buying online

Whatever the product, users will always look for the safest way to shop online. Therefore, associating your business with an excellent payment platform will increase your sales and generate greater customer loyalty.

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Safest payment method when buying online

When we start buying through a website, we must take into account many things. Although most of these are done in a safe way, since large corporations invest a large part of their budget in this area. Even so, there are many users who have had problems with their purchases. To avoid surprises, we are going to explain the different payment methods and how much security they offer:

  • We will start with one of the least secure payment methods. Bank transfers, a method by which, through an account number, we send the money. These usually take a couple of days to complete once we order them. The sending of the money is safe, the problem comes when we suffer an incidence in the sending. The problem is related to the impossibility of proving the shipment, especially if it is a transfer abroad.
  • Another of the most used methods when buying on the net is the payment by debit or credit card. A payment system accepted in countless websites, which has a less friendly side, as is to expose our data. That is why many banks make use of virtual or unnumbered cards only for online purchases.
  • Known as ewallet or prepaid cards, they are somewhat safer than conventional credit cards. They differ from these in that they are not associated with a bank account and we will have to recharge the balance on them to make our purchases. If we suffer a security breach we will only lose the balance we have at that moment.
  • Finally, the safest method of electronic payment is to make payments through payment platforms. Services such as Google Play, Apple Pay or PayPal are the most widely used. These become intermediaries between the seller and the buyer. So they protect our data and in case of fraud they become mediators between both parties.

How to pay securely online: 5 methods

The ideal means of payment for our online purchases must be secure, convenient and free. Currently there are different options, some more conventional ones preferred by older people and other more innovative ones used mainly by younger people.

These are the six main methods to pay online that you have at your disposal:

1. Card

his is the second most commonly used way to pay, both online and in physical shops. There are three ways to pay: by credit card, debit card or prepaid card.

Cards are a banking product that we all have in our wallet. Most banks now have ways of verifying that the purchase is being made with the cardholder’s consent before they can be used.

2. Payment apps: Bizum, Twyp, Verse

Bizum, Verse or Twyp are applications that not only allow us to send and request money from our mobile contacts, but also allow us to pay for our purchases in online and physical shops.

These apps are in continuous development, so they are constantly improving the way they work.

3. Mobile payment: Apple Wallet, Google Pay…

It is not yet a very widespread payment method for online shopping; it is much more so in physical shops, although it is gaining more and more strength.

It is a totally secure, agile and fast method, as the way to confirm the payment is by means of our fingerprint.

4. Bank transfer

This involves transferring money from your bank account to another bank account. This method of payment is not very easy to find when it comes to paying for online purchases, especially when paying for the services of a professional.

5. Cash on delivery

It is a method that consists of not making the payment until you receive the order at home, it is impossible to be more secure.

It is not currently available in all e-commerce and is only available for goods, not for services or digital products.

Secure payments: How to identify them?

Can you trust online shopping? The computer security company Eset conducted a survey in 2020 that provided revealing data. The study showed that 76% of users are concerned about data breaches when shopping online.

Therefore, it’s crucial that customers feel secure with your payment alternatives. What does a payment mechanism need to be secure? Take note of the following data.

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  • Technology. Your payment methods should have up-to-date encryption technology to protect data from outside interference. Payment gateways are the best alternative because they’re constantly adapting to new security challenges.
  • Transparency. Nothing gives your customers more peace of mind than to be notified of the outcome of a transaction at the end of the transaction. Here, payment gateways and also payment processors like PayRetailers are again the most convenient alternative.
  • Options. Customers feel more comfortable if they aren’t forced to use a specific method. In this sense, processors like PayRetailers, with more than 250 alternatives in 12 countries, represent a plus for your business. Many of these alternatives are methods where your customers won’t need cards.
  • Authentication. A payment method is most trusted when it prompts the user for authentication codes. The customer feels that their transaction is more customized and that their sensitive information is being looked after.
  • Guarantees. Online payment methods that guarantee the purchase from their users are also an added value for your online store. Offering a guarantee of product delivery is a sign that you trust your business model.
  • Monitoring. When a customer purchases a product via wire transfer, virtual wallet or bank deposit their main concern is the delivery of the goods. Having real-time tracking of your order gives the user peace of mind and avoids many misunderstandings.
  • Receipts. The fact that this payment method issues a receipt and that this receipt has all the store information and contact telephone numbers is an additional element that inspires trust.

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What you should do in your store

Not all the security or the feeling of security depends on the payment methods you use on your site. When a user opens the computer, they’re exposed to various forms of fraud such as insecure websites, fake profiles, and phishing attacks. So the first task is to know how to identify safe online  shopping sites.

A friendly and simple interface, a properly certified URL (https) and space for complaints and frequently asked questions are useful tools to build user confidence in your store.

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Payment gateways for online stores  

Payment gateways are the companies which provide the intermediary service between the customer, seller and payment processor. The importance of the gateways for the store is mainly associated with security. They’re the ones who check that the data entered by the customer is sufficient in order to proceed with the transaction.

They also provide the technology to safeguard that data and send it to the payment processor to be authorized or declined. All of this allows your business to leave all IT security issues in the hands of experts.


Everything you need to know about the safe way to shop online

safe online shopping

Tips for online shopping

It’s good that you have these tips when you decide to buy something online without a credit card.

  • Check the reputation of the site online or among friends.
  • Inquire about the quality of the products offered and that their prices are real, with no hidden limitations.
  • Clarify the conditions of goods delivery, delivery times and shipping costs properly.
  • Establish the store’s phone numbers, physical address and contacts for claims.

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FAQs about safest way to shop online

Which is the safest online shopping site? The one which provides users with the best guarantees for a satisfactory purchase. High loyalty and share of voice rate.

What is the safest online payment method? Companies like PayRetailers offer payment alternatives under the strictest security controls. Even if those payments don’t involve the use of credit or debit cards. This point is important because it expands your potential customers to segments of the public which don’t have access to plastic or are skeptical about using it on the Internet.

PayRetailers offers your customers reliable payment methods which are deeply rooted in all segments of the population. These include cash payments, bank transfers, electronic wallets or the well-known QR codes.

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Although as a general rule, buying online is safe, we must always be alert and make sure that the website where we are going to make our purchase is reliable. And above all, check that they comply with the privacy policies and that our data will be safe. To avoid problems, we should be wary of websites whose URL is not too long or to which we have been redirected from suspicious links or banners. Many of these supplant the legitimate pages of stores and establishments, so that we place an order and pay without knowing that we are being scammed, so we must pay special attention to grammar and spelling mistakes.

So, if you want to boost your business, it’s time for your gateway and payment processor to be your allies. This is the quickest way to allow your customers to access the safest way to shop online. Contact PayRetailers now to clarify any questions and receive the best advice.