The most popular online payments of 2020

PayRetailers - The most popular online payments of 2020

You click on a 2×1 offer, perhaps an unbeatable one, a garment or the electronic equipment that you have been waiting for so long. Everything flows until you realize that to make the online payment you must enter your banking information. Will you still buy it?

And if you are the owner of the e-commerce site, could you offer your customers a safe and fast payment method? A method they can also trust?

Security, immediacy, and simplicity are attributes that a customer looks for when they make an electronic purchase. 

The user has to be convinced that their money will be safe. Does your company have an electronic payment service? Are you already taking advantage of the opportunities the digital marketplace has to offer? Are you giving your customers the security they demand?

Don’t go anywhere! Keep reading! Here, you will learn more about payments online, mobile payments, and the most used payment gateways for 2020 and 2021.

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What are the most popular online payment methods?

Online Payment Systems

The birth of e-commerce companies led to the need to develop new digital payment methods.

Remember, in this sense, that the choice of these methods is important, since they can totally condition the economic performance of the online store.

1.- Credit/debit cards:

There are different types of popular card payments:

  • PSE: it is a button for secure online payments, a service provided by ACH Colombia that allows companies to sell or collect over the Internet.
  • Stripe: It is a recently created international platform, used to receive card payments.
  • Redsys: It is a program that receives payments in a bank account through a succession of double authentication which makes it a longer transaction.
  • Payment with Google Pay: A new way of making payments, if you offer your customers Google Pay, you can give them the guarantee that the actual card information will never be supplied to the seller, which makes the data fully protected; it’s still not very popular, but its use is increasing. To add Google Pay to your e-commerce site, enter the application and add it to your company’s website.

2.- Western Union:

Among its possibilities, we find the ability to send money and carry out commercial transactions internationally; the money can be sent electronically or physically through its branches.

3.- Amazon payments:

Its payment system is secure and its operation is easy to understand. Also known as Amazon Pay, you don’t need bank information or an e-mail, just an Amazon account. PayPal is quite popular, but Amazon is a well-known brand. The payment methods work well on a mobile phone, if you choose it for your business. Setting up an Amazon purchase button can take just a few minutes.

4.- Trustly:

Synonymous with fast money, for e-commerce customers, it promises a simple process, no cards, no applications, no registration, and integration into any international market.

It is very important that you consider all your options when choosing a payment method. Remember to take into account your target audience, especially considering their possibilities and preferences.

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So what is the best online payment service?

Best Online Payment Systems

From the recent rise of the Internet, new payment methods arose and some of them obtained absolute acceptance from users.

The best online payment service is the one that allows you to offer your users the possibility of simplifying processes, maintaining data confidentiality and speedy payments.

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Mobile payments, what are they?

online payment methods

You pay with your mobile phone? We bet you do. The use of mobile phones has multiplied and consumers have become familiar with carrying out various operations with them. 

Making a mobile payment consists of the direct purchase of products, goods and services, through a cell phone.

This is done in one of two ways: one, you install in your device an app known as a digital wallet, which allows the app to start when the cell phone is brought closer to the reader, so you can choose the card to debit from and complete the payment with your password. 

The second form of payment is made using a smartphone as a device to automatically validate the stored personal information.


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What is the best way to accept payments online?

What are the different types of e-commerce payment systems? Credit/debit cards are traditionally one of the most used payment methods worldwide; especially considering the wide variety of options available. The comfort and trust that they inspire allow you to make payments very easily. If you integrate your online store to a card payment gateway, you can process payments in this way.

However, this is important! The best payment options should give the customer the ability to cancel if necessary, wherever they are, simplifying and facilitating the sales process.

Many companies allow various payment methods and this allows the user to feel more secure choosing which method to use. If there is only one option, this may generate some mistrust or disagreement, but also the possibility that the individual might change their mind before completing their purchase.

Online stores and online payments: do they get along?

That they go hand in hand is the best thing that can happen to any e-commerce company. Online store and payment should not only get along but also be a part of the same mission. The performance of one conditions the other.

However, if your online store has an electronic page created with all the essential basic elements to stand out, you will have a much greater chance that the customer will reach the purchase option. 

But if the payment method complicates the process, is not comfortable or reliable, the user will reject the purchase. 

Pay special attention to the payment process! Carefully go through this article so that you fully recognize which are the most recommended and accepted online payment methods today.

Of course, the opposite could also happen: if your store is not designed under the best quality standards, even if you have good payment gateways, your customers will not decide to buy.

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The most used online payments in 2020

In 2020, a year so fraught with difficulties all over the world due to the pandemic, the most used online payment methods were those we’ll mention below. Take a close look and choose the ones that you think are most convenient for your e-commerce site.

  1. Credit/debit cards
  2. Bank transfers
  3. PayPal
  4. Amazon payments
  5. Google Pay
  6. Mobile Payment
  7. Virtual currencies

Lastly, keep the following tips in mind if you have an e-commerce site and decide that today is the day to choose which payment gateway you will use.

  1. Make sure that your transactions are effective
  2. Always provide trust and speed
  3. Offer a variety of payment methods
  4. Ensure the confidentiality of the user’s bank information
  5. Consider making international payments
  6. Allow the customer to pay from wherever they are

Any successful e-commerce site must continually improve its products and services. Today you can boost your sales by choosing the right payment gateway. PayRetailers invites you to browse our website. We offer you online payment solutions designed for your company.

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