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Welcome to Colombia, a destination full of opportunities for business success in South America! Immerse yourself in this constantly growing market and discover the pathways to thrive your company.

The market in Colombia

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos


Colombia is experiencing remarkable growth in e-commerce. Take advantage of our leading payment platform to reach new customers and expand your online sales.

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

Internet access

With high internet penetration, Colombia opens doors to an extensive online audience, eager to discover your products and services.

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

Payment Methods

Colombians prefer a diverse range of online payment options. Accept credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets to meet your customers' preferences.

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

Financial Inclusion

Colombia has a robust financial infrastructure that facilitates online operations and payments.


Payment methods