Boost your
sales in Brazil with PIX

Maximize your conversions and offer your customers an instantly confirmed payment experience, available 24/7. Elevate your business growth and reach over 215 million Brazilians.

Experience the benefits of PIX

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos


Payments are processed in a few seconds, with immediate availability of funds to the final beneficiary

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

No hourly

Accepts online payments 7 days a week, including public holidays

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

Solution for
cross-border payments

An efficient payment solution ideal for local and cross-border merchants

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos


Robust anti-fraud tools to ensure the security of transactions

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos

interface design

All you need is a smartphone, internet access, a bank account and your PIX code

PayRetailers - tu plataforma de pagos


PIX offers no fees for individuals and low costs for businesses

How to start receiving
payments with PIX?

PayRetailers - One application. One integration

Create a PIX account

For both individuals and businesses, you need to register a PIX code at your financial institution. These codes are used to link user information to bank transfers.

There are four types of code: CPF or CNPJ tax ID, email address, mobile phone number, and a random code generated by the system. You cannot use the same code for different accounts and will need to register unique codes for each account held by an individual.


PIX for online shopping at your store


1The buyer selects PIX from the list of available payment methods

2A scannable QR code or a copiable transaction number is displayed on the screen

3The buyer must log in to the banking application with the registered PIX code

4In under 10 seconds, the funds are transferred and the purchase is successfully confirmed

5The buyer receives a payment confirmation notification in their financial application

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your customers
a fast and secure payment method