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About PayRetailers

PayRetailers is an electronic payment solution that offers local payment methods for international websites. We allow users to pay for their purchases using their local currency. To make a payment through PayRetailers, you must be registered with one of the Sites that we offer services to.

The response time is up to 2 business days. Please provide your account details (email and national identification number) and a proof of payment upon your first message so we can help you more efficiently.

Our support team works from Monday to Friday.

No, as a buyer there is no need to register with PayRetailers. Registration is only required for e-commerce platforms that want to receive online payments.

Payments and receipts

PayRetailers does not sell the product or service, but acts as a payment processor, so we do not issue invoices or receipts of any kind.

To obtain your proof of payment, you must request it to your bank in case it was a bank transfer, or to the place where you paid your cupon in cash.

No. The payment is automatically processed within each payment method processing time.

Once we receive confirmation of payment, we immediately notify the website/Platform.

Confirmation times can be up to 48 business hours.

When you make a credit card payment, for security reasons, you may receive an email requesting additional information to complete the deposit.

The deposit amount will be held in your account until you submit the requested information.

If after the period indicated in the email you do not send the information, the payment will be automatically reversed.

If this is your first purchase online, make sure your card is active to be able to make purchases online. You can do this by contacting your bank and asking to activate this option.

If you have already activated the option to make purchases on the Internet and your card continues to be rejected, verify that you have a sufficient balance in your account.

If the problem persists, contact your bank so they can verify the error.

It is very important to follow the payment instructions provided to avoid delays in confirming payments. If you made the payment and forgot to insert the reference number, contact us by attaching your proof of payment and informing the correct reference and registered email on the purchase page, so that we can investigate the status of the payment.

The validity time to make the payment is configured by the Platform where you want to make your deposit, it will also be available on the checkout page and in the email with the payment instructions sent by PayRetailers.

It is important to mention that each payment method has its processing time.

If the deposit amount was deducted from your bank account but the payment was still not confirmed, contact us via the Help Center, sending the receipt together with your account registration information on the platform (email and personal ID) .

Please note that even if the payment is confirmed by PayRetailers, it may take a few hours for it to be confirmed by the purchase website and for the credit to be reflected in your account.

Tickets issued and not paid are automatically canceled 5 days after they have been generated, it may take up to 30 days for your financial institution to eliminate the charge from your application and do not generate any additional cost for the client.

To make a new purchase you just have to enter the desired platform and generate a new payment order.

Payments made by third parties will not be automatically reconciled by the system and are not accepted by PayRetailers. The data (name, amount and personal ID) must match the payment order. In this case, we ask you to contact our customer service team to check the status of the transaction that was carried out.

No. Without issuing a payment order on the website before making the transfer, the system will not recognize your payment. In this case, we ask that you contact us to verify if the refund was performed automatically or if a manual refund will be required.

Whenever you send a message to the site/platform, the ideal is to wait a period of up to 7 days to receive a response. If you are still not able to receive support from the site, send us a message and we will help you resending your request to the platform’s customer support team.

We suggest that you search for the main contact channels on the platform you use (email, form, live chat, telephone and even Whatsapp) and review the pre-established terms and conditions of the Platform. We also ask that you check the platform’s Help Center/FAQ to find more information about your question.

If you have received an unknown charge in our name through a third party, without knowing the destination of your money, we ask you to communicate with our help center and send us the largest amount of information available (your identity number and receipt received) through the link: so that we can carry out an internal investigation.

We clarify that we don’t make contact or send bank tickets through the WhatsApp application or similar. Therefore, DO NOT make any payments originating from these media.

If the website has not confirmed your payment within the standard term (72 hours), contact the customer helpdesk where you made the purchase and always remember to attach a receipt. If you have problems getting in touch with them, or if you did so but have not received a reply, please contact us (attaching the receipt and your registration data on the purchase website). We will help you to find out what has happened.


If you made your purchase with a debit or credit card, and the Merchant authorized your refund request, it will be automatically credited to the card with which the purchase was made.

This procedure may take up to 15 business days. If for some reason your card is cancelled, but was replaced, you will see the refund on your new card.

It is important to remember that each bank has its deadline to process refunds and some banks may take up to 60 days or two account statements to credit the value in your account/card.

To request a refund of a payment made through Efecty, you must submit the request through its natural customer service lines:

Telephones: (1) 6510101 – (1)7566027 – 18000186027

We think it is important to mention that PayRetailers acts as a payment intermediary and that in order to request a refund for a purchase, regardless of the payment method, it is first necessary to talk to the platform’s support team.

If the platform confirms that it will refund your order, PayRetailers will receive the refund order and proceed with the refund within 5 to 15 business days.

No. It is not necessary to have a registration with us. The refund request must be made directly through the platform page in the ‘Refund/Withdrawal’ section. All bank account information must be provided correctly and without special characters.

If you have not received the requested withdrawal within 3 to 5 business days, we ask that you contact directly the support of the platform where you operate.

PS: Withdrawals to a saving account from Banco do Brasil require a little more attention when filling in the bank details. Visit the data filling guide for Banco do Brasil:

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