CRO tips that will help your e-commerce in 2021

When we talk about increasing the sales of an online store, it is very important to mention some CRO tips. These are focused more than anything else, so that visitors to a website don’t leave without purchasing one of your products. So, in this article we’ll tell you all about it, and some good strategies.

The guide to have the best e-commerce optimization in 2021 (+tips)


Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is something you may not have heard of before. However, it is one of the biggest things you should always try to improve.

CRO is just a statistical measure, which tells you how many of the people who enter your site, make a purchase. What’s more, it is used to plan strategies aimed at increasing sales. The CRO wants to improve or increase your sales by:


  • Improving the quality of the content you display in your online store
  • Finding out what mistakes make most people decide not to make a purchase on your site
  • Conducting campaigns that appeal to a wider audience

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How does CRO affect my business?

As we’ve been telling you, CRO is just a metric. This means that it does not negatively affect your business. But yes, it might in a positive way because with it you will be able to devise better strategies to increase your profits.

You can get a lot out of conversion rate optimization, which allows you to:

conversion rate optimization

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How do I get good at CRO?

It’s not very hard for you to get good at coming up with CRO strategies. Really, all you have to do is understand your customers. Additionally, you should always provide them with good quality content, not just try to sell and that’s it.

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Identify a good strategy with these tips

Before you use a strategy to increase your sales, you must take into account certain aspects. These will help you understand what kind of plan you are going to implement and whether it is good for you or not. So, here’s what you should consider before doing CRO on your website.

conversion rate optimization tips

Conversion optimization strategies for your e-commerce


Choose the strategy that suits you best

Below, we will explain the different strategies available to increase your sales. Additionally, we will help you choose the ones that best suit and can help your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

website conversion optimization tips

website conversion tips


Tips to optimize your CRO

Now that you understand what strategy you’re going to use, we’ll focus on CRO directly on your website. Remember that each of these items is essential for your conversion rate to increase.

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Conversion rate optimization tips

conversion rate optimisation tips

website conversion tips