How to sell on marketplaces 101 (secrets and tricks)

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Do you have an excellent product to offer the world, but you think selling in marketplaces is too complicated? Don’t worry, with these tips you’ll be clearer about what you need to start a successful online business. You’ll see that the most important thing is to get started.


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How do I start selling on marketplaces? Know your options

The basic thing is to find the most suitable marketplaces for your type of product, business and audience. Each one has particularities and different advantages to consider when you are considering third party marketplaces.


Everyone can sell on marketplaces like eBay. Although it includes fixed price sales, this site became famous for auction sales.

If you have unique items such as antiques, limited edition or very rare items, eBay is the best way to sell them at the highest price.

On eBay, buyers can contact you directly, which allows for more fluid and personalized communication. In this place, you can also charge per transaction with a more lucrative percentage.

The less appealing part is that commissions are included both for sales and product listing fees.

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Facebook marketplace buying and selling

From the sales made from private profiles, Facebook decided to enter the marketplace market. The option consists of adding an online store using your Facebook or Instagram account.

Some of the main advantages of advertising on this site are:


  • Anyone can use this platform and gain a local audience.
  • There are groups and categories for all tastes.
  • The contact between customer and seller is completely personalized through Messenger chat.
  • It’s easy to create your marketplace account and it’s free!

In addition, Facebook marketplace buying, and selling is very dynamic due to the large number of people who use it. Based on a report presented by Hootsuite, a social media administrator, 74% of users on Facebook log in daily, and in addition:

  • Some 15% of social network users make purchases on Facebook.
  • 90 million small businesses use it.
  • Facebook is the most popular social network among marketers in the United States.
  • Facebook accounts for 80.4% of traffic to ecommerce sites from social networks.

There’s 5% commission and you must also pay in the event of product returns.
Another option of the marketplace buys and sell on Facebook are the traffic campaigns. For this, it’s necessary to have the Facebook Ads section.

In this section, you must upload the ad, decide the cost of the budget and the number of days you want to keep the ad for. It’s advisable to make a segmentation of the public to attract potential buyers only.

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Marketplace buy and sell, Craigslist

This is a lesser-known site than the previous ones, but it’s a very powerful tool for selling personal items you no longer need. It can also be a good way to start your home-based internet business.

Advertising is free and there are no commissions to pay when the item is sold. For your advertising to be successful, we recommend you:

  • Make a research plan and set a fair price.
  • Include photos.
  • Give it a clear title.
  • Write a good description.

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Sell on Amazon Marketplace

This is probably the most famous marketplace in the world and in many countries it’s also the largest. Amazon makes it easy to sell products internationally and allows you to register as a seller by making its infrastructure available to you. Many buyers prefer this platform for its efficient service, payment facilities and variety of products.

However, in order to sell on Amazon marketplace, a strict entry policy must be met and high percentages of sales are charged (between 10 and 25%).

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You must optimize the content of your products

According to the Annual Study of eCommerce in the USA, 66% of online shoppers prefer to use marketplaces to compare prices, products, and services. What makes your product stand out? How do I start selling on marketplaces?

One of the main points is the content optimization so you get a good position in search results (SEO) and more traffic. This is achieved with algorithms and by including keywords, not just quality content. The guidelines are as follows:


  • Title. This should appear on all pages and shouldn’t be repeated. It must be informative and clear.
  • Meta description. No more than 290 words, including the keyword (in the first few words if possible).
  • Headings. They must appear only once as H2 and H3, without exceeding 70 characters.
  • Text. The minimum length is 350 words, and the recommended length is more than 1000 words. With keywords, synonyms, and engaging writing to keep the reader interested.
  • Internal links. To diversify the content.
  • Images. Quality images and with a secondary text which includes a keyword.
  • Videos. Including videos increases the number of visits by 48%.
  • URL. Without editing the text that appears in the URL and without words, conjunctions, or prepositions.

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facebook marketplace local


Never forget to offer an experience

A “golden point” to gain customer loyalty and attract new customers is to offer an excellent shopping experience. A good way is with clear and complete product listings, a good inventory stock, simple purchasing conditions and effective shipments (meeting the stipulated deadline).

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Always ask for reviews

One of the aspects which generates more confidence when you buy something online are positive comments from your customers. Encourage your audience to leave a positive rating; this will help more people to choose you.

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Offer payment facilities with payment gateways

The more options the consumer has to purchase a product, the easier it is for them to buy it. Offer different payment methods and even installments. 

With PayRetailers you have alternative payment methods for your business to reach more customers (both local and international) in a simple and easy way.

Selling in marketplaces is easy and even more so if you’re accompanied by experts like PayRetailers which facilitate payments and collections. Earn money globally and be successful in your business.

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