How to sell online for free in 2022 (tips and tricks)

how to sell a product online for free

Online commerce is something every company which wants to compete in today’s marketplace must consider. It’s a modality which will give you the opportunity to reach many people all over the world. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to sell online for free and securely.

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What’s the social e-commerce platform?

The answer to the question “What’s a social e-commerce platform? “isn’t at all complicated. It’s basically the union of traditional commerce with social networks. In the beginning, the purpose of the networks was to achieve social interaction through the Internet. However, thanks to the number of people who use them daily, it has become an ideal space for business.

So, by using this medium a company can reach a much wider audience from all over the world.


But how does social e-commerce work? Well, it’s based on the interactions the online store has with the customer. This means that, through the customer service channels or comments on publications made by the company, people can decide whether to buy one of the goods or services you provide.

How to sell online for free in 2022 (tips and tricks)

Benefits of using social e-commerce

Social shopping platforms are distinguished by the multiple benefits they bring to any business looking to expand. We’re talking about being able to reach more people and increasing your profits. However, before we get to the benefits, we’ll tell you whether it’s useful to use social commerce platforms.


It doesn’t matter whether your company is focused more on a local or international audience, selling products or services… It’s always good to use media such as social media. 


The idea is that people don’t just have to walk past your physical location to find out about you. So social media for e-commerce serves two purposes:


  • To inform people better about your brand and what it offers.


  • To provide a more specialized service and keep people informed of everything new in your company.


What are the benefits? Mediated shopping through these platforms can bring you the following benefits


  • You reach a wider audience and attract more people who are looking for the services offered by your company.


  • You can have close interaction with a larger number of customers. This means you can provide them with a much more optimal and agile service.


  • Social networks are the only ones capable of attracting organic or natural traffic to your store. Here, we refer to people who came to your store on their own or by doing Google searches, without advertising.


  • Social shopping platforms are completely free.


Moreover, you must keep in mind that we’re in the digital age. Most of the population already uses the Internet for almost everything. So, the biggest benefit you get from e-commerce is that you’ll always be up to date, and your way of selling will never be obsolete.

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How to use social e-commerce correctly

Now you know that social media is important and beneficial for your business, you’ll learn how to use it correctly to get the most out of it. So, you should consider each and every one of the following tips.

Create the right channels

Social networks offer people many possibilities. Facebook may be one of the most complex. But this is because it allows you to create pages or groups. The pages are mostly for stores, websites, influencers and so on… While groups are a type of blog which a certain number of people participate in.

Creating the right channels means two things:

  • The first is related to the choice we mentioned before, which in this case will be the page.
  • The second is related to the customer service you provide.

Always use and consider social proof

Social proof is the influence of your buyers’ opinion about a certain product. To give you an example: a store has 500 reviews and the average is 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. Another company which offers the same thing has 40 ratings and the average is 2.

This means that you should always provide a good service so you get a lot of positive feedback.

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Don’t forget social listening

Everything they say on social networks about your company, no matter whether it’s good or bad, always helps to follow well or improve some negative aspects of your business. 

If many people dislike something and make it known in the comments, you may have an opportunity to improve.

This aspect can complement the previous one and is perhaps even more important. This is because you’ll have opinions and reflections from people who haven’t necessarily purchased your products but are thinking about doing so.

Create content with one voice

Here, we refer to the way you treat your audience, how you talk to them and how you write your posts. If you’ve decided to treat your customers in a friendly manner, it’s not good for you to switch to a serious tone overnight.

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Keep your company’s data in mind

When using social media, you’re going to have to keep track of everything that happens there. You need to consider whether your sales increased or decreased, so you can decide what to do about the content you publish.

Not only likes and comments tell you if you’re using social media for e-commerce well.

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