How to create the best content for social media in 2022

PayRetailers How to create the best content for social media in 2022

Content for social media has become the showcase for all kinds of businesses in recent years, and 2022 will be no different. Why is content important for social networks? In this text, PayRetailers provides us some interesting data to consider.

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Content for social media: written posts

The first thing to consider when defining your content for social media strategy is your audience. 

Knowing as much as possible about their interests and concerns is essential for attracting their attention and increasing your audience. Once you’ve got this covered, you can concentrate on the written posts you’re going to generate through your channels.

1. Keep the message on point

People don’t have much time to read long posts. Concentrate the message in short lines which get straight to the point in a witty and original way.

2. Simple language

Depending on your audience, you should be as conversational as the topic allows. Affability will help your readers relax and make them more receptive to the content you propose.

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3. Mind your tone

Related to the above, you should try to adapt the tone of the conversation to the image you want to project of your brand. 

Remember that everyone must build an identity, a personality which is easy to identify just by reading a few lines. That’s why the tone you use must be constant and convey the spirit you want to project.

4. Use humor as a weapon

People react faster to content ideas for social media when they trigger certain feelings such as anger, compassion, desire, or humor. 

The latter is undoubtedly the best weapon to position a product across platforms. Humor is a tremendous resource in any market for making content viral. However, you have to be careful about the topics you choose to make jokes about.

5. Stay focused on your goal

When you are in the evaluation phase, never lose sight of what the goal for your social media content strategy, and therefore your posts, is. Assess or get advice about how that content can help you reach the goal you’ve set for yourself.

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E-books: are they any good for business?

E-books are good for business as long as they complement the core information of the social media content strategy. 

As they are long texts and contain very specialized information, they should be offered through hyperlinks within the initial information.

If your content ideas for social media include academic or technical information that requires some formality, e-books are a good tool. But you shouldn’t use them as part of your publication. 

Here you should explain the idea in a general and simple way and use hyperlinks for those who want a deeper knowledge of the subject.

One of the advantages of e-books is that digital readers allow a few functions which printed texts don’t have. 

Readers enrich their experience through hyperlinks which may have complementary explanations or shortcuts to find the author of some approaches. To deliver them, you may need a CMS for small business, this is how you choose the best one.

Another superior element of e-books are add-ons such as access to audiovisual content. In the printed versions, illustrations are photographs or static graphics, but here you can include site videos, testimonials, or animated statistical graphics.

How to create the best content for social media in 2022 


social media content marketing

Image, videos and stories: when to use them

The simplest and most correct answer to this question would be “always”. So much so that the word video marketing has been coined thanks to the boom of including this resource in social media content strategies. 

However, photographs and videos cannot be used indiscriminately. Like everything on the internet, you have to test and see what works best for your target audience.

This will also depend on the platform to be used. Digital marketing specialist Manolo Rodriguez made a study of 20 Instagram accounts with more than 100,000 followers. It found that photo content reaches 28% more people than video. 

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But this situation changes when dealing with platforms like Facebook or TikTok, where videos tend to have much more virality. You have to take into account the network interface, the data expenditure when browsing from a phone and the taste of your target audience. 

For example, teenagers and young adults respond better to videos and adults respond better to good photography (with content beyond the aesthetic).

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Infographics, a new way to talk to users

Infographics have long been trending as part of social media content strategy. It is now very common to see journalistic content with video infographics which mark the evolution of a specific topic. 

For example, the mainstream media use them to mark the evolution of the economy in different countries.

This resource is irreplaceable when it comes to transmitting numerical data in a didactic way within a timeline. It is much more visual and understandable than doing it in a text paragraph. 

For example, if PayRetailers decides to design an infographic which shows its evolution in the 12 countries where it provides solutions to its customers.

The important thing is that its use is fully justified within your content ideas for social media. Another factor to consider is the technical aspects for images specific to each platform. 

If the vertical or horizontal image fits better, it may work better on Facebook than on Instagram or TikTok

The vast majority of content managers ignore how to optimize the use of this resource according to each social network. Get to know new and improved methods of receiving money like sms payments and the best digital wallets.

Knowing how to create content for social media will be crucial to the success of your business on 2.0 platforms. 

It is the same as having a good payment gateway like the ones offered by PayRetailers. Both elements contribute to improving the user experience and increasing your sales.

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