6 unique ways to increase sales in 2021 that you shouldn’t miss

increase sales

There are different ways to increase your internet sales, which are effective and recommended by many marketing gurus and entrepreneurs who talk about their experiences in the world of sales.

Startup company tips you should implement in 2022

1. Leverage digital marketing in your advertising efforts

This is a very important option because it allows a careful step-by-step process to achieve success in sales and the effort the advertiser makes in creating creative designs, production and managing the advertising campaign.

Focus on the value you bring to your customers. The most important thing is to present an excellent product and service.

How to use social e-commerce for your sales strategy

2. Keep an eye on your goals and KPIs

As an entrepreneur you must have clear goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These are measures which serve to synthesize the information of the actions carried out in a business to make decisions.

3. Segment your leads well

This is the selection of potential customers where you’ve already stored their data.

4. Build customer loyalty

This consists of keeping the portfolio of buyers who enjoy the product or service.

5. Offer a unique experience

This is to seduce consumers by provoking feelings of trust, establishing strong emotional connections, empathy in buying and selling, positive opinions and referrals.

6. Ask for reviews

Pay attention to the comments (whether positive or negative) left on the virtual portals to improve the company.

Now, let’s talk about unique ways to increase sales and tips to increase business. 

How to sell online for free in 2021 (tips and tricks)

Depending on the websites found in search engines, there’s very important information which allows you not only to read the information of the stores and the different types of businesses; but also, the means to use to promote the products and services to sell, such as:

  • Giving a good presentation and creating trust with the client, not only to promote a service or product through conviction and language to transmit to the receiver who will be the potential buyer.
  • Arousing emotions in the customer through the most important characteristics and most relevant advantages.
  • Presenting what is being promoted with real results through images and videos.
  • Using social networks and email, Google Adwords to reach lots of people.
  • Good customer service is the seal of credibility of what’s being offered to provide personalized advice and have a relationship of proximity and credibility with the company.
  • Market analysis in terms of consumption, knowledge of competitors, strategies to carry out, customer loyalty, target audience, tastes, needs, socio-economic profile and family situation.
  • Preparing a marketing calendar with dates shown in relation to the company’s agenda.
  • Using the tools with the highest number of users such as: Facebook and other social networks, email, ecommerce, to explain the benefits of the product or service.

After this, let’s look at how to increase sales:

  • The use of new technologies such as the internet, Tics, Web 3.0, Apps, Emotional Intelligence, Dig Gel, and many more.
  • Presenting additional services at no cost.
  • Referrals from one customer to another, talking about the benefits of the product to be offered.
  • Show additional free services to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Create a clear, persuasive sales message to convince the customer.
  • Selling by phone is an important option to interact with the consumer, and the possibility of closing the deal.
  • Advertising investment.
  • Seek marketing advice from an expert, not just as a tactic to push what you sell; the use of adaptive devices are means to create a sales funnel.
  • Add discounts, promotions, and giveaways to motivate customers.
  • Consider SEO techniques to optimize good content.
  • Good customer service.

How to sell on marketplaces 101 (secrets and tricks)

How do you attract customers? There are many ways to attract customers:

  • Distribute flyers with messages according to the article or service in accordance with the public’s profile, which must have a good design, excellent spelling, specific data about the content.
  • Free demonstrations of the product to be consumed.
  • Attendance and training at virtual and physical meetings, visits to trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.
  • Make them speak well of the brand.
  • Creation of scripts for buyers using didactic aids (videos, images, PowerPoint slides or other platforms).
  • Business cards.
  • Identify and classify potential customers, make them aware of you, an audience in keeping with the profile, products to be offered, explaining their function.

5 main product categories you should know

increase your sales


All these indicators allow us to safely generate increased sales. By this we mean the frequency at which the buyer purchases a product or service. To encourage buying, you can make product presentations, 2×1 offers, sales, discounts, and other offers. For this, you should do the following:


  • Renew the image of the products or services to be promoted.
  • Invest in advertising.
  • Present articles and services of the highest quality and innovation.
  • Know how to manage the company’s capital.
  • Support social and cultural events and ventures to make them known.
  • Know how to distribute the product and import it from abroad.
  • Analyze the buyer.
  • Make a diagnosis of the existing needs.
  • Perform the process of the four “P’s”:  Product-Price-Place-Advertising.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Train the employer and company staff.
  • Constant control and audit accounting, time, whether there have been increased or decreased purchases.
  • Marketing according to the time of year or season, and the marketplace.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Sales policies.
  • Schedule and timetable.
  • Technology to be applied.

There are also some marketing strategies to increase sales which are worth considering:

  • Selection of potential or prospective customers to offer services or products through a closer relationship.
  • The sales funnel where consumers go through stages in the sales process by means of classification.
  • Constant evaluation for optimal results by answering questions and queries, comments, prices, etc.

Deciding to increase internet sales allows your business to grow, but you have to pay special attention to the payment methods which will be offered to customers and for this reason, at PayRetailers, we make everything easier and safer for you and your business. We invite you to get to know us and take your company to another level.  

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