Internet payment methods available in 2021 for safe shopping

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You may want to know all about internet payment methods. Below, we will provide information on how to make secure purchases and sales. It will help you if you have an e-commerce store. Let’s go!

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Online payments: How do I make them secure?

There are more and more online payment options. However, it is not always clear how to improve the experience to increase security. Well, one of the first things that an e-commerce must consider are the security protocols. This impacts the seller positively, but also the buyer.

A clear example is the SSL certificate. Basically, it is a security protocol that allows Internet data to travel securely. Issued by certified authorities, it allows you to protect transactions. For example, it guarantees that user information will not be read by you.

In e-commerce you will be able to find this certificate when you see the padlock in the URL. This will ensure that the data entered by users can never be read by marketers. The reverse is also true, as you will be protected from any hacker attack that may breach your information.

However, it is also important to ensure the authenticity of your brand. The SSL certificate allows visitors to recognize that your site is authentic, which will give you a higher volume of sales. If you’re not certified, they may think you don’t provide the security they need for you to sell to them.

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Tips for secure shopping

Below are some tips for secure shopping:

  • Pay attention to the user experience. You don’t need to have advanced knowledge in this area. Actually, you should see how reliable your website looks. If you notice spelling mistakes, poor accessibility or lack of professionalism, users will be suspicious.
  • Try not to make sales outside the payment gateway. First of all, it won’t look professional. However, it is also important that you do this to ensure the user’s purchase. If you only make a transfer, but no invoice is generated, you will not validate the sale.
  • Review the protocols. It is always essential to ensure that your connection is secure and encrypted. As we have mentioned, the SSL protocol is critical to guarantee the authenticity of your website.
  • Manage the website through a content management system (CMS). It is a software that enables e-commerce shop owners to create, edit and publish digital website content without writing any code.An e-commerce platform is an online shopping cart solution that enables you to handle product management and sell products directly through your website.Some e-commerce platforms also serve as a CMS. In other words, it’s a user-friendly infrastructure that handles all the backend store management functions of an online shop. This is how you choose the right and best e-commerce cms for your small business.

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Advantages of mobile payments

We will share with you the advantages of virtual payments. Let’s look at the most important ones:

  • Ubiquity. One of the most relevant factors. You will be able to sell at any time, unlike physical payments. With electronic payments, there are people you may never have reached before because of scheduling. Forget about that problem!
  • Elimination of distance barriers. Many consumers are able to buy products that were 100% unaffordable until a few years ago. In other words, virtual payments eliminate distance. This allows companies to also sell to consumers anywhere in the world. It will do you a lot of good!
  • Offers. It is very common to see that different payment methods advertise offers, whichever you choose. For example, some banks try to popularize their debit cards by offering discounts on certain products. Therefore, users will spend less money and you will increase your sales.

Internet payment methods available in 2021 for safe shopping

Payment gateway trends in 2021

Many people ask: what is the best method of payment? The truth is that it is something that varies according to the context.

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The best online payment methods are those that allow a wide range of options for users. Some of this is taken advantage of in PayRetailers, which allows many methods for all e-commerces and is an international payment gateway.

Currently, we can say that some of the most important trends that are incorporated into the payment gateways are:

  • Cryptocurrencies. As confidence in the crypto world grows, more and more companies are allowing payment with these currencies. If you are looking to reach a mass audience, including them will make a difference. In addition, all transactions are 100% secure.It is important for you to know that they are not stable currencies. A Bitcoin price can be worth something one day, but go down or up the next day. Therefore, you will have two options: to update the prices constantly or to keep them according to the volatility of the market.
  • Digital wallet. Some options, such as PayPal or Skrill, allow you to have a variety of currencies. This is important for international sales. If you don’t have this paid alternative, you’re probably missing out on an important audience.
    There are many people who choose to save part of their income in these online wallets. So, when they want to pay for a service, they want to do it through this method. So try to consider them. Learn how to do safe and secure online shopping in 2021.
  • Debit and credit cards. Undoubtedly, one of the most important trends of recent years. Any payment gateway has the option to pay by debit and credit card.
    It is important that you accept different issuing institutions, such as VISA or MasterCard. It is also advisable that you can integrate installment payments. This way, you’ll provide more offers to your users.
  • Digital banks. By this, we mean banks that operate strictly through the Internet. That is, they do not have a physical customer service office. It is essential that you accept them, as many users feel more comfortable with these companies.

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Digital payments in a post pandemic world

As we saw, there are different online payment methods. Over time, this is likely to expand and different ways of paying virtually will emerge. This is because e-commerce will be on the rise, since the trend started during the pandemic it will continue to grow.

For example, in Latin America, the sale of products over the Internet Is expected to grow up to 31% this year alone. This creates incentives for consumers to purchase products. It also encourages the emergence of new entrepreneurs and companies that focus on virtual experiences. Learn how to add a payment method to your website easily.

With the proliferation of digital payments, there were also different scams to deceive users. This is common with phishing, which occurs when someone impersonates a brand to obtain private information. So, if you’re wondering what are the best online payment methods? you already know what to focus on.

You already know the best online payment methods. From PayRetailers we offer different options for all those who want to operate in Latin America with a good payment services provider. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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