The best global payment gateways you can use

Global payment gateway

A global payment gateway or Payment gateway is one which offers a service to anyone who needs authorization to make online payments. This is in order to guarantee the safe flow of banking information.

Its main purpose is to speed up the transfer processes in the execution of payments and create a barrier that prevents the loss of personal data.

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How do global payment gateways work?

Let’s analyze a case in which a person makes a purchase through the network and goes on to making the corresponding payment through a payment gateway.

The platform activates a number of steps that allow the customer to carry out the transaction easily. By entering the personal data and the corresponding card numbers, a secure site is reproduced in which the payment information is encrypted towards the platform of the seller.

This, in turn, forwards the transaction data to the payment gateway. When it receives the information, it sends a report to the bank, where it is checked.

It immediately authorizes or rejects using a response code, which contains the details of the transaction carried out. In a few seconds, this payment process is carried out.


Charges you need to know in global payment gateways

Normally, when a company provides a service, it tends to charge for its use, known as intermediary commissions.

In addition, this unlocks various benefits, as it provides a wide range of payment options for customers and provides security.

To link an establishment’s website to a payment gateway It is essential to perform an evaluation and be clear about what wants to be achieved so that the charge matches the finances and the type of e-commerce that you have established. We should also keep in mind that transaction usage fees constantly vary. This changes according to the gateway and the sale amount that is processed.


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Global payment gateways this year

Finding a secure site takes time, so it is essential to review the list of international payment gateways below if you want to receive online payments:

  • Amazon Pay: It is native to Amazon and offers its users the opportunity to pay with their accounts on various web sites or pages. This service is exclusive to Amazon customers and is available for some countries. This initiative emerged from the union with Worldpay, which is an American company specialized in the development of payment programs and technology services. They were created with the purpose of improving business payment strategies, the one that complements companies and sellers in the United States. In addition, it is characterized by including the option to schedule automatic payments in a fast, agile, and secure way.
  • 2Checkout: American platform that allows to carry out various payment operations such as transactions, purchases, and sales, etc., by using credit cards. This option is authorized in various countries worldwide. Unlike many gateways, it accepts 87 different currencies. It validates various payment methods (debit and credit cards and PayPal, among others) and has security control and anti-fraud protection.
  • PayPal: It is designed to benefit individuals and businesses that need to send and receive payments. In addition, it does not require financial information and it is one of the best-known gateways in the world. The opinions of those who have used it show how fast, effective, and reliable it is. It is available in all countries. Despite being a world-renowned company, it does not have any interests for holding money for several months.
  • BlueSnap: It is a platform whose purpose is to stimulate business growth. To access it, a merchant account is needed to unlock advanced options and obtain better results. It accepts more than 100 currencies, has more than 110 payment methods and translates into 29 different languages. It also converts currencies depending on the best rate of the moment. It allows you to perform operations from accounts payable and place orders.
  • Braintree: This is an American service associated with PayPal which speeds up business and cell phone payment processes. The big difference is that it offers a merchant account with which advanced options can be unlocked to use the payment gateway for international payments better inside and outside the application. In addition, it has access to libraries to enjoy a better experience and understand how it works.
  • Wompi: Created by the Bancolombia group to offer its clients the possibility to send and receive money worldwide. This provides greater benefits to its consumers. It keeps the option to generate QR codes for quick payments and it is easy to understand and use.
  • Skrill: It works like a digital wallet that helps to make transfers and payments online. It is available in many countries and operates in 40 different currencies. In addition, it has the distinctive feature that money can be sent to bank accounts abroad using a card. It also allows you to send money using only an email address or a cell number.
  • PayRetailers: This gateway’s goal is to provide quality and alternatives when making electronic payments. Moreover, it helps its clients to expand their business and shares knowledge regarding the job market. It also uses reliable payment sources and in various payment methods, that is, through local cards, e-wallets, cash, bank transfers and QR code. Through PayRetailers it is possible to achieve business goals and objectives without going anywhere.

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It should be noted that the amount that is transferred is converted into the local currency.


Tips for international shopping


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The Internet has what we need to know but, just as it has given us great advantages, it has also been provided so that many people can commit crimes by using it; we will, therefore, analyze some tips for you to buy safely online:


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Which is the best global payment gateway? After analyzing the e-commerce payment gateways, we can say that the best payment gateway for international transactions is, without a doubt, PayRetailers. Also is the best payment gateway for freelancers.This is so because it has the security instructions for payments and provides the necessary support to complete a good purchase.  

In addition, it understands the needs of customers and merchants who want to start their business and, not only that, it also strengthens the global market.

It has a technological and innovative infrastructure that has a wide variety of tools that give you an idea of how the transaction will end.

Access PayRetailers now and enjoy the great advantages of buying and paying through a secure international payment gateway where you will get great results.

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