What is WooCommerce Multistore and how does it work?

woocommerce multistore

If you use WordPress to create your business website, you probably want to improve your sales platform by taking advantage of the tools it offers. If so, you better start asking yourself: «What is WooCommerce Multistore?» This add-on makes it easy for you to create your online store, as well as allowing you to install more plugins to customize it.

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Best plugins for WooCommerce Multistore

Multi-vendor stores work by generating sales strategies for very diverse customer segments – however, this can cause complications on the website. These issues can be managed through WooCommerce MultiStore.

Every online business has its own special needs, so it is important to take a closer look at some of the plugins that could come in handy to make your store more efficient.
Take advantage of these plugins and make your business stand out in the vast sea of the internet. Read on to find out about the most popular plugins for virtual stores.

1. WooMultistore

This tool synchronizes all the products you offer in your store. Managing an inventory of several product categories for multiple audiences is a very complicated process, which can generate several errors.

WooMultistore removes this problem by updating the number of products in stock whenever there is a change to the number of units. What is more, it allows you to easily update your price and description at any time. With this, you can manage your inventory quickly by reducing potential errors.

2. Dokan Multivendor

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins as it makes managing your business simple. Its features include the ability to renew your customers subscriptions, publish products, and update the price of each item, among others.

The stores appearance is customizable, helping you to reach each customer segment directly by adapting to their tastes and needs. It offers you individual dashboards for each vendor, offering personalized and effective management.

3. WCFM Marketplace

This plugin offers you great flexibility in the management of your store. It provides a mobile app for each vendor, monitoring each product and allowing you to make changes.

You can customize the system of commissions received by each vendor according to your chosen strategy. You can even set different percentages for each one or standardize them under specific parameters. What is more, it offers refund systems that will save you a lot of hassle.

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5 advantages of using WooCommerce Multistore for your online store

Managing all the processes involved in running a multistore requires a lot of staff, time to think about sales strategies and a significant investment. WooCommerce Multistore simplifies these tasks, offering you advantages such as:

  1. The ease of managing sales for multiple vendors or for your stores various customer segments
  2. Saving time by automating functions with the plugins it offers
  3. Reducing the need to hire a gigantic team to manage your purchasing and stock processes
  4. Boosting your income by launching new segments without leaving your current ones.
  5. Making use of mobile applications that allow you to manage every aspect of your e-commerce from anywhere and at any time.

The advantages are endless, and you will come to discover them all as you start to use these plugins. Invest your time creating new strategies, instead of managing processes that can be automated.

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Step by step: everything to bear in mind for your e-commerce

An e-commerce store opens up a whole host of possibilities to effectively reach your potential customer. However, there are a few aspects you will need to get to grips with so you can start using it properly, without wasting time or effort.

How do I create a multistore in WooCommerce?

You can use the aforementioned applications to quickly create this type of store. Follow the steps below to create a store:

  1. Log in to the WordPress administration menu.
  2. Choose the WooCommerce option.
  3. Then head to your settings.
  4. Click on the products tab.
  5. Click the “general” option. The options available to create your new stores home page will appear
  6. Add the plugin you like best and which offers the features you are looking for. Make modifications for vendors and each product category.

Analyze the most valuable needs of your business and choose the plugins that allow you to meet them.

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Does WooCommerce work on multiple sites?

WooCommerce allows you to manage multiple sites that come together in a single place. For this, the platform offers the ability to make use of multistore plugins. Link sites according to your required languages or the geographic locations in which your business is present.

Can you have two stores on WooCommerce?

To use two stores simultaneously, you must obtain separate websites and have an e-commerce plan for each of them. Otherwise, this will not be possible.

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The payment gateway: the final link in your online sales strategy

A perfect complement to any online store is a reliable payment gateway. To choose yours, remember that:

  • How easy the payment process is can mean the difference between an effective sale and a failed one. Your customers will appreciate having several payment options that allow them to make their purchase with total convenience.
  • The trust placed in your online store depends a lot on how you handle customer data, as well as the type of payment gateway you affiliate yourself with to take care of their money.
  • Look for a gateway that allows you to handle  payments in different countries. Keep in mind the most common payment methods in each country.
  • Always think about what is easiest for your customer. Do not make the process overly complicated.
  • Make sure the gateway is easy to use and user friendly.

Now you know the answer to the question “what is WooCommerce MultiStore?”, you can start generating a great income by offering your customers a wide variety of purchasing options.
Using plugins, creating a solid sales strategy and allowing customers to pay with ease will help your e-commerce business take off. You can use the PayRetailers payment gateway to manage the entire purchase process.

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