PayRetailers WooCommerce plugin: a quick and easy integration for operations in Latin America

PayRetailers es un proveedor líder de servicios de pago en línea

By integrating WooCommerce into your online business using PayRetailers, you’ll be able to manage more than 250 local payment methods in 12 countries in Latin America, providing your customers with a convenient, successful shopping experience.

If you’re an online retailer, you know the complexities that managing multiple payment options entails, especially if you operate internationally. That said, every e-commerce business needs a payment solution that’s secure and flexible and allows you to incorporate enhancements to optimize the checkout experience for your customers.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for e-commerce platforms that’s compatible with WordPress websites. By adding this plugin to your business through PayRetailers, you’ll be able to offer the most convenient local payment methods in the region such as cash, cards and e-wallets, among others.

The Benefits of Integrating WooCommerce with PayRetailers

The WooCommerce plugin hosted on the PayRetailers platform provides the ideal payment infrastructure, and one that adapts to all business models and local currencies.

Learn about the main benefits of this flexible, secure, and frictionless integration.

Easy, seamless integration:

  • Fully integrated local payment methods.
  • Seamless and intuitive integration.
  • Used in over 4 million online stores.

Increase your revenue:

  • Accept more local payment methods and gain new customers.
  • Conversion rate with an optimized check-out.
  • Flawlessly complements the user experience.

Online support:

  • Get fast and safe solutions.
  • Multi-currency support for easier management.
  • Personalized technical support.
  • Up-to-date documentation.

How can you incorporate this plugin using PayRetailers?

By including this add-on, you’ll be able to offer your customers superior payment experiences, which will increase your conversions, multiply your client base and take your business to the next level in LATAM. To carry out this integration, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress using your credentials.
  2. In the WordPress panel go to “Plugins” > “Add new”.
  3. Download the plugin through the link (you can also download it from Merchant BackOffice).
  4. To configure the PayRetailers payment gateway in WooCommerce, select the “Settings” menu in WooCommerce.
  5. In PayRetailers Payments, go to the “Payments” option and click on “Manage”.
  6. Click “Save changes” to confirm the new settings.

And that’s it! Your customers will now be able to use PayRetailers to make their purchases.

Currently, WooCommerce is an ideal plugin for merchant, providing the best processing experience and allowing sellers to add several payment methods and tools to help scale their business.

This, together with the power and flexibility of PayRetailers as an all-in-one payment gateway, makes it easier to adapt the various payment solutions to any type of trader and their business needs.

With local offices and native experts in each country, PayRetailers’s payment solution optimizes coverage of each seller’s objectives through a wide range of services, such as risk and fraud prevention strategies, flexible integrations, localization consulting, compliance support and customer advice, ensuring the necessary security and convenience for all their online transactions. Contact us!