What are omnichannel payments?

omnichannel payments

It is essential for companies to know what omnichannel means and how omnichannel works in order to offer a good experience across all the channels used by their customers.

The purpose of an omnichannel strategy is for all the digital channels to work in parallel, cooperating with each other to meet the objectives set by the organization. 

The objective of this interconnected experience is to strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers by offering service through all the means of communication used by the business.

While it may sound the same as multichannel, omnichannel focuses on integrating the channels with the customer purchasing experience to improve it. 

It seeks to effectively use all the means of communication in a way that is integrated to improve in-person and digital sales.

This concept aims to eliminate the barriers between online and offline channels by integrating all payment methods and optimizing it for all devices.

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How it works

Including all the customer communication channels in the strategy may appear complicated. Here is an example of how it works.

  1. The customer is interested in a product and searches for it on the company’s website.
  2. They browse the site and research the product of interest. The site should be fast and easy to use and navigate.
  3. At this point, the prospective customer either considers the purchase or decides against it.
  4. They decide to ask a question by writing in the chat or calling. Their questions should be answered effectively and as quickly as possible.
  5. They then return to the website and decide to make the purchase if their preferred payment method is available.
  6. They may have the option to pick up the product in person at a store or receive it at home at the time and address they choose.
  7. If they have any questions they can use their preferred means of communication, such as social media or in person at the store, to have them answered.
  8. After the purchase, you can send information to the customer in the form of a newsletter with relevant content to encourage them to buy again.

This way, the customer finds information about the product, receives advising at the right time and makes the purchase or conversion.

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What are the benefits for customers?

It is important for companies to understand how omnichannel benefits customers to improve the experience and increase sales.

The omnichannel strategy has several advantages for businesses that are entering the digital world or are already positioned within it. 

Here are some of the benefits of implementing actions to strategically unify all customer service channels:

  • Customer loyalty: Improving the usability and shopping experience for customers increases their loyalty with the brand.
  • Brand positioning: Good and effective customer service improves the perception people have of the business, encouraging more to purchase there.
  • Improved sales: Customers who use more than 5 channels spend 9% more than those who use only one.
  • Increase in average total spending: By establishing an effective buying process, customers trust the brand more and place new orders.

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Why is it important in business?

These days, the most traditional businesses have had to change the way they sell by using digital media for promotion.

Business owners need to know what omnichannel payments are, to add them into the strategy that includes all the channels for reaching the customer.

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What are the different channels?

This method uses all the channels to improve the product or service reach and sales, integrating every means of communication used by potential customers to attract them.

It is important to take into account not only the means of communication, but also the devices used by customers to communicate with the company at each step of the purchase.


Lots of people who shop online do so through a desktop or laptop computer, since they continue to trust the security of these devices more.

In addition, the larger screens of these devices allow users to navigate more easily and compare products and prices.


Shopping on mobile devices has increased considerably in recent years, forcing entrepreneurs and companies to optimize their strategies.

Social media have improved the shopping and advising experience with these devices, in addition to publishing content of value to the audience.

In person

Although digital media has become very popular, users prefer to see the product in person, even if they pay for it online. Therefore, in person service channels must be integrated into the strategy, correctly displaying the product or preparing it for shipping.


The integration of all business-to-business communication channels improves the effectiveness of online activities and increases productivity.

All the company’s channels of communication, such as social media, website, WhatsApp, telephone and in person, must be aligned with the needs of people and companies.

It must be defined as an objective because omnichannel means integrating all the means of communication and areas of the company to learn about and improve the customer experience.

An omnichannel business offers the same experience in person or on digital media and focuses on their cohesion so that people are able to recognize the brand through any channel. 

Now you know what omnichannel means. By learning how omnichannel works, you can build this process into the sales strategy of your business or consult with professionals, like the ones we have at PayRetailers, to optimize these online processes.


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