5 safe ways to accept card payments in 2021 (+tips)

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5 secure ways to accept card payments in 2022

E-commerce innovation allows you to accept card payments that will boost your sales by making it more accessible for customers to buy and thus expand your business to places you least expected.


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Accept payments through payment gateways

А payment gateway is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer.

Is a “gateway” that links a bank account with any payment processor, using APIs (application programming interface) or online payment services to transmit both personal and virtual transaction information.

Thanks to its versatility it allows the execution of different online transactions, credit card processing, UPI, digital wallets and other services offered by banks.

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This way you guarantee your customers the security necessary for them to provide their bank details and other personal information required to pay with cards linked to banking entities.

  • The process is very simple, once the customer accepts the purchase, the website or application will direct you to the payment gateway to enter the required data.
  • This information will be encrypted and then verified by digital security controls to prevent fraud or any type of financial diversion.
  • After verifying the information, the platform asks the bank for the availability of sufficient funds to accept the purchase.
  • If authorized, the bank collects and settles the amount for the trader. In case the transaction is denied, the buyer will be informed to choose another payment option.
  • This process is fast and only takes a few minutes, facilitating an effective and one hundred percent secure purchase.


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Card payments

Knowing how to accept credit card payments is essential to expand a business, as it opens up payment possibilities to customers.

Since its birth in the 1980s, card payment processing has remained the most common method of acquiring a product or service, either by paying in person at a business through POS equipment or by handing over card details electronically.

According to the characteristics of your business you can accept only credit cards or also include the modality of prepaid cards.

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Wire transfer

The transfer dispenses with the card to use a platform via a website or an application. It makes the payment from an online bank account by paying the amount and approving it through a code sent by text message or by the numbers of a co-ordinate card.

Cash on delivery

This form of payment dates back to the era of catalog sales or telesales.  It is still used on some online shops and still is because you don’t have to demand personal data from your customer.

After the procedure is complete, the courier delivers the product to the established address and receives payment from the customer. It is direct and does not require any intermediary.

Digital wallets allow people to store their banking information, identity documents and other important information on their mobile device, replacing the need to carry around a physical wallet.

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Best payment gateways

In order for your business to thrive in e-commerce it is important to know

what is the most cost-effective way to accept card payments as well as evaluate the characteristics, advantages and qualifications that each one has on the market.

Every year, new applications and websites emerge that are integrated into digital commerce networks, simplifying the consumers’ purchasing power more and more every day.

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However, some payment gateways have stood out from the rest for their strength and user confidence, these are:


It is one of the most popular payment platforms in the world and one of the most trusted by users and merchants.

It consists of two types of payments, the first, the standard payment, in which as a seller you can accept Amex, Credit cards, Paypal or the checkout payment, which takes you to the same Paypal page with your user to make the transfer.

These two options are reason enough to add an exclusive button to accept PayPal payments and thus streamline your customers’ purchases with a secure service that is one hundred percent compatible with shopping carts.

Amazon Pay

With this Amazon service you can adapt this payment method to your business and access the more than 300 million customers that the company has worldwide.

The entire payment process can be done from e-commerce just by logging into your Amazon account, and the platform is fully responsive and adapts to any electronic device.

It is currently only available in 17 countries.

Apple Pay

It is one of the leaders in the mobile payment method, with it you can accept Touch and Face ID purchases, electronic payments and cancel by credit card.

It provides a fast payment system in which it is not necessary to use a credit card, and you can register without adding a bank account.

Google Pay

It is Google’s offer for those who wish to make electronic payments without the need for a card, securing your data thanks to the security support of this technological giant.

From a single application you can pay at thousands of online stores around the world, always keeping your private information safe.

Mercado Pago

It is the payment option by Mercado Libre, leader in countries like Argentina. Through its platform you will have a wide range of options, among which you will be able to pay:

  • Via an e-mail address
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Through the website
  • Electronic devices

With Mercado Pago you can offer your customers transfer methods, credit card and even cash payment.

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All of these card payment acceptance options will give you the tools necessary to leverage your e-business, from real professionals trained to make you a lot of money.


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