PayRetailers Group contributes to strengthening the economic and social support networks of the women of Chilón in Mexico


The goal of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is to allow a  company with a global footprint to show their commitment to managing and mitigating any negative effects on society and the environment. By taking actions that have a positive impact on those who are most vulnerable, companies can build a good reputation in the regions where they operate.

The PayRetailers Group – formed by Spanish PayRetailers, Colombian Pago Digital and Chilean Paygol – seek to contribute to the solution of ethical, economic, environmental and social conflicts that affect society, adopting an active and conscious stance on the impact of our local operations.

 The objective of these actions is to promote awareness and sustainability of key principles of social responsibility, which are fundamental to ensure the long-term viability and success of any organization, such as transparency and economic and social inclusion.

PayRetailers is actively committed to these principles, we currently contribute resources to various charitable causes in Latin America to improve the quality of life of those who need it most.

Social Responsibility is a broad concept that each company understands and implements differently. The corporate culture of Barcelona-based multinational PayRetailers is characterized by the promotion of inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth in Latin America, principles which translate as one of the main strengths of our business.

 PayRetailers Group & Manos Unidas: together for Mexico

 After the positive impact working together with Manos Unidas on the charity campaigns,“Defense of the rights of the Wayúu people in La Guajira” in Colombia, and “Strengthening of the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano people” in Brazil, the PayRetailers Group closes our annual cycle of charitable causes in Latin America with a contribution in Mexico, “Strengthening of economic and social support networks of women in Chilón – Chiapas”.

This is a project focused on contributing to the empowerment of women’s self-management groups in Chiapas, promoting financial inclusion in the markets where PayRetailers operates.

 Through the same donation mechanism as in Colombia and Brazil , PayRetailers Group will donate a percentage of transactions processed during the month of November. The proceeds will be used – in their entirety – to contribute to the strengthening of support networks for women in Chilón – Chiapas.

The Mexico partnership focuses on combating poverty in the region, which mainly affects women and children as they are more exposed to local social and economic insecurity. The project seeks to strengthen their social and economic autonomy and empowerment through support networks that promote micro-financing initiatives within women’s savings-bank groups 

 Mexico, a digital market with strong growth rates in LATAM

 In addition to being one of the largest open economy markets in the world, Mexico is the country with the second largest population in the LATAM region after Brazil.

 There are currently 18 million online shoppers, representing $54 billion in digital payments, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to reach 13% annually or $90 billion per year by 2025.

 For PayRetailers, Mexico is a strategic market. We are a European paytech specialised in Latin America, with local offices and experts. We provide the most popular payment methods locally – such as OXXO – to merchants with a cross-border model seeking to expand into Mexico. These types of payment methods increase the scope and sales of online businesses. By partnering with PayRetailers, our merchants do not require a physical presence in Mexico and are able to target unbanked customers.