Social Responsibility: Grupo PayRetailers for the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano people in Brazil

Local payment methods

For a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy to be effective and gain value within any company, it is important to maintain consistency in impact management – working with operations that involve the different markets that compromise the goal.

Today, it is important that companies operating around the world are committed to the environment and social causes, which exposes their sense of responsibility and the positive impact that brands can generate for a good reputation.

CSR of the Grupo PayRetailers: A management with regional impact

Companies such as the Grupo PayRetailers – made up of the Spanish PayRetailers, the Colombian Pago Digital and the Chilean Paygol – seek to address in depth the conflicts of an ethical, economic, environmental and social nature that cross society , taking an active and conscious stance on the impact of its local operations.

The objective approach is to achieve sustainability and the adoption of key principles of social responsibility, such as transparency and inclusion, which can help guarantee the long-term viability and success of any organization. PayRetailers is no stranger to these principles as it currently works with various causes throughout the Latin American region supporting those most in need.

The multinational with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain has 2 important pillars: inclusion and diversity, being one of the main strengths of its business and that of its partner companies: Pago Digital and Paygol. Although Social Responsibility is a very broad concept that each company understands and implements differently, for PayRetailers it consists of operating in a socially, locally and environmentally sustainable manner.

The first action was its alliance for Colombia for the “Defense of the rights of the Wayúu people in La Guajira”, in order to combat malnutrition, lack of education and inequality of opportunities of the most vulnerable populations in the country.

“Defense of the rights of the Wayúu people in communities of La Guajira, Colombia”


Together for Brazil:  Grupo PayRetailers & Manos Unidas

Now, the focus of the business group specializing in emerging markets in Latin America is set on Brazil, where it will take action together with the Manos Unidas Organization for the charitable cause of “Strengthening the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano people”, contributing to support and defend the rights of five indigenous communities in the border region between Bolivia and Brazil . The campaign consists of donating a percentage of the transactions processed during 2022.

Based on this project, the expert payment gateways in Latin America will accelerate their objective of social responsibility by contributing to improving the quality of life of those people with less access to a decent quality of life, fighting poverty, hunger , lack of education and underdevelopment.

The Chiquitano indigenous village is populated by 256,000 inhabitants, located on the border that separates Bolivia and Brazil.

Brazil, the largest e-commerce market in LATAM

Financial inclusion and greater connectivity have made Brazil stand out in the e-commerce market of its continent, where PayRetailers plays a very important role by allowing global companies that operate in a cross-border model to disembark in the region, offering payment methods stores preferred by Brazilian consumers, such as PIX – without the need for merchants to have a physical structure in Brazil, nor for Brazilians to have access to financial entities to obtain those products and services they want.