Cross-border payments and football – a perfect duo to expand businesses in LATAM


In South America, CONMEBOL Sudamericana is the second most prestigious official international football club competition held on the continent, and is organised by the South American Soccer Confederation. PayRetailers has a strong presence in 12 countries throughout the region, where they are experts in local markets, with global experience in cross-border payments.

Soccer: a passion that unites the entire continent

Just as PayRetailers has the ability to unite various businesses – globally – through multiple payment methods across the Latin American continent, the dynamics of football closely resembles this reality. In other words, in this region we understand that football fosters togetherness among people, regardless of their race, social class and place of residence, among other characteristics. In LATAM, football is considered a cultural heritage, since it is enjoyed everywhere – in families, schools, on the streets, and in the workplace. Some would ever go as far as saying that it is lived as a religion in certain countries.

Just as football reaches thousands of people around the world, so do new technologies. These are characterised through generating increasingly close relationships between people and products and services, which can be accessed by simply connecting from a computer or mobile phone. In Latin America, just a few years ago, this was impossible to do. Thanks to an increasingly number of new digital payment methods, more people now have the opportunity to improve their quality of life, saving time by making secure payments or money transfers.

Heading for La Gran Conquista in Latin America 2022

The CONMEBOL Sudamericana championship is known as “La Gran Conquista”. This nickname embodies an extremely important meaning for its participants, since they are historical clubs from the region that compete with each other to achieve the status of conquerors of South America. Just like CONMEBOL, the sense of healthy competition and transparency are values that PayRetailers also strongly identifies with, becoming the perfect ally to position itself as one of the leading payment gateways on the continent.

The Latin American market must be thoroughly understood in order to understand its consumers in detail, from their customs and the products or services they consume, to how they make payments. PayRetailers is currently working hard to leave its mark on footballing history. Through having an in-depth knowledge of the local markets, the company is able to help thousands of companies expand their business in the region, hand in hand with football: a passion that crosses borders.

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