PayRetailers: awarded as Excellence Financial Inclusion and Best Digital Payment Processing Company by PAN FINANCE

PayRetailers is a payment service provider founded in 2017

The payment processor for Latin America, PayRetailers, is recognized by the European financial print and online journal PAN Finance, in its program for best practices in the financial market 2021 in the categories of Excellence Financial Inclusion and Best Digital Payment Processing Company.

The PAN Finance program is positioned within the industry as an important indicator of excellence that annually recognizes international companies for operating with the best practices in the financial, economic and trade sector at a global level, within its different categories.

Thanks to the rapid and important growth that PayRetailers has had during the last years within the financial sector, today, the company continues to position itself globally; revolutionizing the payment industry, promoting financial inclusion in Latin America with a single-integration-approach and helping international merchants to operate in the region in an easy and safe way for their businesses and customers.

Their expertise and know-how in the Latin American market has allowed them to achieve not only recognition in the sector and industry, but also to ensure financial inclusion in LATAM and the growth of businesses operating in different industries, increasing conversions, and reducing operating costs with more than 250 available payment methods and a single API integration.

About PayRetailers

Founded in 2017, PayRetailers is a payment services processor that supports a wide range of payment methods through a single API integration that allows global businesses to market to shoppers and increase revenue in Latin America.

For merchants looking to expand internationally across certain e-commerce verticals, a clear understanding of consumer behavior and spending in their industry will be the difference between success and failure. By accepting local payment methods, PayRetailers enables anyone to shop online, even if they don’t have a credit or debit card.

PayRetailers is headquartered in Spain, with regional offices in Malta, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

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