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"Promoting social action in excluded communities in Chile"

Following our commitment to promoting social inclusion in Latin America, PayRetailers - Pago Digital - Paygol partner with the charity TECHO to support the construction of emergency housing for excluded communities in Viña del Mar. We seek to collaborate in improving quality of life, strengthening security in LATAM and supporting the development of the population in the medium term.
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An alliance for Chile

The alliance for Chile focuses on contributing to the social inclusion of communities affected by underdevelopment in the Valparaíso region. Together with TECHO, our social project will begin in the Campamento Felipe Camiroaga settlement in Viña del Mar. The objective is to provide sustained assistance to families from excluded sectors who live in precarious housing conditions and are constantly exposed to the elements.

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Our objective working with TECHO

Motivated by the commitment to improve the quality of life of Latin American communities - this time in Chile together with the NGO, TECHO - Paygol employees will make up a team of volunteers who will work every six months to help build emergency housing in at-risk communities. We will join TECHO's social initiative to change the precarious housing situation that affects millions of people in the region.

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A Social Responsibility donation

The PayRetailers - Pago Digital - Paygol Group will make a donation for each payment processing transaction made during 2023. The proceeds will be used to contribute to the construction of housing in the communities of Viña del Mar in Chile.

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Recaña Alto, Viña del Mar

Reñaca Alto is one of the most vulnerable sectors of Viña del Mar, and one of the neighbourhoods with the most camps, with more than 24,000 families living there, a place that needs more action, as it lacks urbanisation and where there is precariousness both in housing and basic services such as electricity, sewage, paving and others.

PayRetailers offers alternative payment methods in Chile, promoting connectivity and financial inclusion in communities without access to financial services.