Brazil: the CSR strategy of the Grupo PayRetailers & Manos Unidas continues to support charitable causes in Latam

manos unidas brazil

August 2022 – Barcelona, Spain. The Grupo PayRetailers – Pago Digital – Paygol, together with the Manos Unidas Organization continue their social work for Latin America, this time supporting Brazil in the “Strengthening of the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano indigenous people.”

The Grupo PayRetailersPago DigitalPaygol announces the launch of its second Corporate Social Responsibility action to support charitable causes in Latin America. An alliance in Brazil together with the Manos Unidas Organization for the “Strengthening of the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano people” that strengthens the objective of the company to contribute to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people and provide the social contribution that the world needs.

The alliance for Brazil focuses on the fight against poverty, hunger, lack of education and underdevelopment. It seeks to strengthen diversification and promote studies to deepen the knowledge of the complex relationships and situations experienced by the indigenous people of Chiquitano.

To achieve its commitment, the Grupo PayRetailers will donate a percentage of the processed transactions that are carried out during 2022. Said proceeds will be distributed and used to strengthen the indigenous communities of Chiquitano.

“We are sure that the collaboration with Manos Unidas is a representative strategy that will continue to contribute to the various countries in the region and to the people who need it the most.”– Juan Pablo Jutgla, CEO & Founder of PayRetailers .

Under this same initiative, PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol will continue as a group leading this Social Responsibility strategy for Latin America through the same donation mechanism and thus help other charitable causes in Mexico and Chile in the remainder of the present year.