The CONMEBOL Sudamericana round of 16 and PayRetailers make a double impact on emerging markets in LATAM


Between June and July, Latin American sports lovers’ attention turned to the CONMEBOL Sudamericana Round of 16, a competition officially sponsored by PayRetailers.  

The strategic alliance was consolidated in 2021 and has gradually become an impact opportunity with great benefits for both brands within the Latin American markets, making a notable change in the consumption experience of football fans.

This is also because technology plays a pivotal role in promoting and contributing to the industry, as a growing number of companies in the financial and technological sectors embrace sponsorship opportunities to boost their brand reputation and generate buying intent among sports lovers.

Next, let us showcase the tremendous impact that PayRetailers made with the CONMEBOL Sudamericana in the local markets of LATAM from this sports sponsorship in the round of 16.

CONMEBOL Sudamericana and PayRetailers: Stronger Together

The synergy between the CONMEBOL Sudamericana and the Spanish PayTech allows them to scale their brand penetration in the 12 markets they cover in Latin America and beyond. The two brands have taken their game to a whole new level by joining forces under the strategic umbrella of trade and passion for football as the king sport.

The South American Cup Round of 16 was the perfect opportunity for the two firms to strengthen their position within the ecosystem and work together to deliver a better experience on and off the playing field.

Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world, PayRetailers becomes the technological partner of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, bringing its innovative perspective on payment processing to the sports world.

The competition gives the payment gateway the experience and popularity of the championship, empowering it to further strengthen its already solid footprint in the Latin American market.


“Thanks to this sports sponsorship, our brand has been able to consolidate its position in Latin America, positioning itself as a football-first brand in the various local markets and inspiring a feeling of trust and know-how to our clients, which is key to their growth efforts  in the region”, said Renato Casinelli, Public Relations Manager at PayRetailers.


The Round of 16: Winning Latin America Over

Renowned Latin American teams had the opportunity to meet in the round of 16, a group stage that included countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela, whose remarkable performance marked the arguably historical first half of the season:

-Deportivo Táchira 0 – 0 Santos

-Independiente del Valle 2 – 1 Lanús

-Deportivo Cali 0 – 0 Melgar

-Colo Colo 2-0 Internacional

-Nacional 2-0 Unión Santa Fe

-Olimpia 2 – 0 Athletico Goianiense

-The Strongest 1 – 2 Ceará

-Universidad Católica 2 – 4 Sao Paulo

On the radar of growing markets like those mentioned above, CONMEBOL Sudamericana and PayRetailers gained prominence in Latin American football, winning over an audience of football fans and consumers from all over the continent.

With football being the predominant sport in LATAM, PayRetailers, as a football-first brand, fulfils its fundamental role of promoting unity among sports lovers, regardless of race, social status, or location. In doing so, the technology company promotes financial inclusion by leveraging its API-driven platform across multiple markets in Latin America, allowing more consumers to seamlessly access products and services from merchants worldwide.

With in-depth knowledge and prominence in most of the region’s local markets, PayRetailers aims high. Through its strategic partnership and sponsorship opportunity with CONMEBOL Sudamericana, PayRetailers seeks to make its mark in the football arena and continue its successful collaboration with global companies looking to take their businesses to the top.