Social Responsibility: PayRetailers Joins Aspasim Foundation for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Barcelona

PayRetailers & ASPASIM

Over the last year, the Spanish company PayRetailers has strengthened its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy in Latin America and Europe, demonstrating its commitment and perseverance in managing impacts, in operating points and marketswhere it presents opportunities for today’s economies.

PayRetailers joins Spanish foundation Aspasim to support the construction of its new physiotherapy roomlocated in the city of Barcelona. Within the framework of its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action in the country, PayTech seeks to support the well-being of people with severe intellectual disabilities.

Aspasim Foundation, its greatest purpose

Aspasim is a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting the welfare and social inclusion of cognitively impaired people, through educational, occupational, health and leisure projects, following the convention on the rights of people with disabilities approved by the UN.

Inclusive education is central to Aspasim’s activity, providing support to children with special educational needs and offering specialised training in special care for professionals.

For those people who have already finished the training stage and cannot join the ordinary labour market, the foundation offers occupational workshops focused on crafts, manufacturing, organic farming, and musical stories, in addition to having a dozen homes for people with permanent social support, where a family-based model and interaction with the environment are being promoted.

PayRetailers & Aspasim for the welfare of people

Through this initiative, PayRetailers will finance the construction of what will be the new Aspasim Physiotherapy room 100%.

The effort also includes working with volunteers including different groups of employees from their local staff to finalise the project details that began to be built in September, dedicating their commitment, effort and responsibility to the cause.

Although this is no longer a new territory for PayRetailers, it is the beginning of the generation of new Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns in the old continent.

“To help others, there should be no barrier. At PayRetailers, we are dedicated to cross-border payments and following that same line, our volunteers focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility are faithful to our culture. We help because we are born to do so regardless of the continent, country or culture”. Vanessa Martinez, CPO at PayRetailers.

Solutions that contribute to financial inclusion

Social contributions for PayRetailers have become a determining factor in their leadership strategy in Europe and Latin America, promoting financial inclusion in the emerging markets where they operate. This adds to their alliances with numerous Fintech Associations and their relationship with more than 50 banks around Latin America, solutions aimed at improving the quality of life and the integration into society of those who need it most.

The initiative in Spain joins the various social responsibility causes that the corporate group has been supporting throughout the year in Latin America, in countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, where it enhances the operations of merchants from multiple industries, with the clear objective to foster the promotion of inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth for Latin Americans.

PayRetailers makes it easy for businesses globally to offer multiple local payment solutions that guarantee efficient and high-conversion transactions, allowing them to focus on expanding online commerce in Latin America.