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Charitable Cause in Brazil

"Strengthening the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano indigenous people"

PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol continue their strategic contribution with the Organization Manos Unidas, to support the indigenous community of Chiquitano in Brazil, helping to strengthen their culture, food security and build a participatory diagnosis that designs and directs development actions in the medium term.

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An alliance for Brazil

The alliance for Brazil focuses on the fight against poverty, hunger, lack of education and underdevelopment. It seeks to strengthen diversification and promote studies to deepen the knowledge of the complex relationships and situations experienced by the indigenous people of Chiquitano, obtaining a socioeconomic, cultural and environmental diagnosis for improvement. Our second social operation is located in Brazil, in the central-west region, Mato Grosso, Cuiba, where the Chiquitano indigenous people are.

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Our purpose with Manos Unidas

Through our commitment - to improve the quality of life of people in Latin America - together with the Spanish NGO, we will gather economic means to strengthen the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano indigenous people. Manos Unidas finances comprehensive development programs through local organizations, aimed at promoting food security, local culture, economic growth and reducing inequalities for the inhabitants of Chiquitano.

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A Social Responsibility donation

The PayRetailers Group will donate a percentage of the processed transactions carried out during 2022. Said proceeds will be distributed and used to strengthen the indigenous communities of Chiquitano.

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The Chiquitano indigenous people

The Chiquitano people are in Brazil, Mato Grosso, Cuiaba. It is located on the border with Bolivia. This community lives in severe conditions of food insecurity and social discrimination, which is directly related to the confinement of this population in increasingly insufficient spaces for their social and cultural reproduction.

PayRetailers operates in Brazil with alternative payment options, promoting financial inclusion and connectivity in communities without access to financial services.