PayRetailers Lands in Bulgaria, Expanding Operations and Establishing Development Hub in Sofia

The Spanish company plans to hire over 150 technology and other profiles within the next 6 months. On September 11th, as part of an open house event in Sofia, the Founder/CEO and COO of PayRetailers will present their expansion plans.

Barcelona, [09/05/2023] – PayRetailers, a leader in payment processing solutions, has announced the upcoming opening of its new offices in Sofia, Bulgaria. This move reflects the company’s vision to strengthen its presence on the European continent while seeking to discover and capitalize on new opportunities in the global landscape.

The decision to establish an operation in Sofia marks a significant milestone in PayRetailers’ expansion agenda. The city, with its rich blend of tech talent and fintech operational expertise, presents itself as a favorable hub for key product development activities, operations, and strategic alliances.

In executing this strategic operation and to serve as the company’s GM for Bulgaria, the company will hire Miroslav Bojilov, a professional with extensive management experience in Bulgaria’s internationally renowned fintech product development ecosystem. In this regard, Miroslav shared his thoughts: “The prospect of this fast-growing and innovative fintech coming to Sofia and taking advantage of the local technological talent is truly exciting.”

Alongside business growth and regional alliances, the company aims to attract highly skilled tech professionals in Sofia as well as experts in several other disciplines, enriching its team’s diversity.

Lorenzo Pellegrino, Chief Operating & Digital Officer at PayRetailers, commented: “I am filled with a profound sense of excitement as I return to Sofia, a place of significant historical importance to me. My prior collaboration with exceptional professionals in this city makes me strongly believe in their potential to bring substantial value to PayRetailers. Our current focal point is reinforcing our technological infrastructure. We’re actively seeking adept software developers, skilled data engineers, and experts in security, infrastructure, and architecture – all pivotal areas. Concurrently, we’re searching for seasoned professionals to join us, especially in vital domains like Finance, Product, Data, Regulatory Compliance, and IT Management.”

Pellegrino highlighted that the company has designed an attractive differentiated value proposition to attract new talent, offering robust opportunities for professional growth, work flexibility, and high-level training programs. Furthermore, PayRetailers is firmly committed to diversity, inclusion, and the physical and mental well-being of its employees.

Open House Event

On September 11th at 7:00 PM (Local Time), PayRetailers will host an open house event at Sofia’s Sense Hotel (Conference Hall 1), providing an opportunity to connect with talented individuals interested in joining or learning more from the PayRetailers team.

During the event, Juan Pablo Jutgla and Lorenzo Pellegrino will share PayRetailers’ identity, objectives, and ongoing projects, as well as provide information about job opportunities.

Juan Pablo Jutgla, Founder and CEO of PayRetailers, emphasized: “This event represents an exceptional opportunity for those who wish to be part of a leading company in the payments and technology industry. We want to highlight our innovative culture, our differentiating capabilities, our commitment to excellence, and the professional development prospects we offer.”

With this exciting expansion initiative, PayRetailers is poised to reach new heights in the payments industry, solidifying its position as a leading and reliable player internationally. This step will also allow the company to accelerate the creation and implementation of digital solutions in the countries where it currently operates and will operate in the near future.

Those interested in joining this journey can attend the event on September 11th. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Open House Event: On September 11th at 7:00 PM (Local Time), join us in Conference Hall 1 at Sofia’s Sense Hotel, located at [Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd 16, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria].

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