Pay by Link: Streamline your sales process in Latin America


Payments by Link is an excellent option for merchants to manually send a payment link across multiple channels. This way, end customers only have to access the link and complete the transaction through PayRetailers’ payment gateway, enjoying a fast, straightforward, and frictionless check-out.

In Latin America, Pay by Link is one of the most widely used payment systems and one of the biggest bets on the future of online transactions.

These payment links can be shared through any online messaging system, such as chatbots, social networks, email and SMS. The growth of such platforms in Latin America has been noteworthy. In Mexico, for example, 94% of social network users are on WhatsApp, while the use of Facebook Messenger and Instagram is above 79%, according to Statista data for January 2022.

These applications have an extensive reach due to their popularity, which represents an opportunity for merchants operating globally to automatically redirect their customers to a secure payment gateway, such as PayRetailers.

A Spanish company specializing in Latin American markets, PayRetailers’ Pay by Link solution ensures fast, secure transactions, both for users and merchants. Given the ease with which it can be set up, the payment link can be used by companies of any size, as well as by consumers who have no previous experience in online shopping.

Sellers can therefore reach more customers by simply sending a message and providing them with a very user-friendly and reliable checkout process, with direct access to more than 250 payment methods in Latin America.

Create your own sales pipeline with Pay by Link

Through this payment method, PayRetailers allows sellers to accept online payments in local currency across 12 countries in Latin America and provides the following benefits:

  • Convenient system. The retailer isn’t required to have a website, which is an advantage if a product or service catalog is used in social networks such as WhatsApp Business.
  • Increased revenue. It allows you to reactivate shoppers with abandoned carts or failed transactions by following up with a direct payment.
  • Always up to date. You don’t need to keep track of updates, because at PayRetailers we are always on top of the latest security and anti-fraud technologies.
  • Flexible omnichannel experiences. You can offer full payment flexibility. Accept the initial payment to your store and then follow up the rest with a payment link on any sales channel.

How can you use Pay by Link for your business?

Offer your customers a convenient and secure payment solution, created by you and managed by us.

  • Customize your page. Easily create and design a payment page hosted by your store.
  • Set up a link. Enter the currency, country, amount, due date and internal reference.
  • Send the link. Copy and paste the URL into your desired channel, such as email, WhatsApp or chatbot.
  • Get notifications: Automatically find out when your customer has paid and access all the information through a link in the control panel.

Security is a crucial factor to consider in this type of transaction. Therefore, when a business chooses the Pay by Link solution provided by PayRetailers, it has easy access to all the benefits plus a set of anti-fraud payment tools. In addition, the risk team constantly monitors high-risk transactions to ensure the operations being carried out are legitimate.

Finally, these measures don’t detract from the user experience. On the contrary, payment methods like this redirect the buyer to a secure platform that’s designed to follow the user’s intuition and thereby ensure a fast, simple check-out.

Expanding a business’s payment alternatives feeds directly into sales growth. Therefore, in addition to offering a full range of local payment methods, PayRetailers provides flexible integration options that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Start creating payment links based on your needs, without worrying about anything! PayRetailers has local experts in each country, always available to assist you and answer any questions. Contact us!

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