On the road to “The Great Conquest”

PayRetailers - On the road to the great conquest

Phase 1 of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ has culminated, and the Group Stage is in full swing, where 32 teams compete to obtain The Great Conquest.

With a totally renewed format, PayRetailers in Latin America witnesses a different kind of competition. Currently, a Group Stage is being played, where, as in the CONMEBOL Libertadores, 32 teams face each other divided into eight groups of four round-robin matches, with the top teams in each group advancing to the Final Stage.

At PayRetailers we are part of the change – part of the evolution. We benefit from the expansion of football and this tournament. Reaching more homes and being able to connect companies around the world with South America has become a challenge, and thanks to the experience and trajectory that characterize us, we are ready to face the future hand in hand with the most popular sport in the world.
Now, during our first months as Official Sponsors of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™, we can affirm that the passion with which football is lived in South America is unique.

On April 9, the draw for the Group Stage took place while the homes were full of suspense. Fans anxiously awaited the time when they would find out their teams’ opponents. And there we were! As we are throughout the competition: Our logo was in the front row of the draw, right behind the presenters, on a giant screen that accompanied the event.

In the presence of Alejandro Domínguez (President of the Institution), the rules that govern the competition and the new format were announced. Domínguez highlighted the work done by CONMEBOL in dealing with the pandemic without modifying the game format. He indicated that, thanks to the support and trust of the Official Sponsors, the prizes awarded by the championship could be increased by 25%.
With our badge, which is part of PayRetailers’ new brand identity, displayed behind the raffle table, we were able to reach millions of fans who followed the live raffle. The draw was held at the CONMEBOL Convention Center, in the city of Luque, and carried out without the presence of the public due to health protocols.

Once the groups and teams were defined, our greatest moment of exposure for a couple of seconds in television came to be, when CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ presented us as Official Sponsor, and an advertising spot took over the TVs of thousands of fans who were attentively watching the program.

“PayRetailers joins the South American family, like other brands in the world that trust in CONMEBOL Sudamericana™”, were some words of the hosts of the draw.

And we continue to trust in football. We are confident that it allows us to connect businesses around the world. At PayRetailers we break down borders and enable the connection between different parts of the world. We provide a complete range of payment solutions so that companies from all over the world can join the Latin American market. In this way, we have become the world’s leading assistants.

And that is why now the assists that are experienced in the different matches of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ are presented to the people by PayRetailers. Those connections that occur on the pitch and manage to break down barriers to convert a goal, are the connections that we achieve every day to optimize trade transactions between different continents.

Our participation in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ is becoming more and more important. Now, with the Group Stage in full swing, PayRetailers is present at each of the matches. In every stadium. In every home. We started with a sign behind the goal, continued with the presence of our logo at the draw and on the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ billboards, and now you see us presenting the attendances of the matches. As the dates and matches go by, we have a presence on site, with actions developed for the different assets that the sponsorship allows us.

Each of these tools allows us to generate brand awareness to grow our presence in new markets. At PayRetailers, The Great Conquest™ is just beginning.