PayRetailers: the best payment provider to scale your business globally


Choosing a payment solution that perfectly suits your business is of utmost importance to meet your sales and expansion plans. What criteria should be considered? PayRetailers starts by combining flexibility and ease of use with technological power and security.

If your business model has a global scale and you are thinking of expanding to a region with multiple opportunities such as Latin America, the key is to choose a payment provider with strategy, knowledge and local coverage that supports your needs and those of your customers regardless of their geolocation and currency.

Digital payments are growing exponentially in Latin America due to their convenience and practicality. This has given rise to a need for merchants to integrate an increasing number of local payment methods into their online platforms, helping them attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones.

Localized strategy and expert advice

The list of payment methods is vast: digital wallets, bank transfers, and cash payments, among others. This is where PayRetailers comes in, as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that brings together more than 250 payment methods across 12 Latin American countries into a single platform, together with easy integration and powerful, robust technology on the security front.

What should you consider when choosing your payment processor in LATAM?

Not all gateways are suited to the verticals and business needs of international companies. Many are ideal for a specific country but are unable to facilitate cross-border payments, which are fundamental to online commerce today.

Here are five key features of PayRetailers that explain why its all-in-one solution has the capacity to strengthen your operations across the continent:

  1. All-in-one API integration

PayRetailers offers a dynamic and convenient integration, capable of adapting to the needs of any business vertical. Through its robust and flexible API technology, it integrates into your business architecture, enhancing users’ payment experience.

It also offers you different plugins, such as WooCommerce and PrestaShop, that make your platform developer-friendly, and in line with the preferences of millions of shoppers.

  1. Broad geographic reach

PayRetailers is a PSP that shares the international outlook of modern global organizations and specializes in entering in Latin American countries.

With operations in multiple countries on the continent, it is the ideal partner to guide this navigation, as it has local experts in its ranks who can advise on the ideal payment strategy for each of these markets. In addition, it has offices in strategic countries to ensure the success of the internationalization process: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile as well as Spain.

  1. The strength of local payment methods

Some customers prefer to pay with QR codes while others request payment links or use cards for their online purchases. It is essential to be able to meet the needs of each user.

The PayRetailers gateway integrates more than 250 payment methods compatible with any type of application or website that sells a product or service, including the continent’s favorite payment methods, such as PIX in Brazil or payment with coupons at OXXO in Mexico.

There are numerous use cases and verticals for which the PayRetailers gateway can be adapted: e-commerce, e-learning, gaming, service payments, content creation, and any other sector that requires payment.

A Spanish company specializing in Latin America, PayRetailers creates a seamless payment experience that adapts to local currencies and allows sales to be closed without friction.

  1. Robust payment security

In the e-commerce ecosystem, security is critical. That’s why PayRetailers complies with the global standard for safeguarding your users’ card data: the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

It uses tokenization processes to encrypt customers’ payment method information and protect sensitive information.

But PayRetailers’ risk management and anti-fraud system goes even further. With intelligent, data-driven monitoring engines, it filters and neutralizes suspicious transactions, while safeguarding end-customer transactions, generating trust and security.

In addition, it generates customized risk reports and has an accompanying team to help ensure the legitimacy of transactions.

All offers all this with criteria that can be adapted to each company to reduce false positives, while maintaining vigilance over transactions and improving conversion rates.

  1. Customer service and merchant support

PayRetailers offers a 24/7 service, with localized advice for each country where it operates. Behind the platform, there is a team ready to help clients in a timely manner, whenever it is needed.

By understanding the complexities and challenges presented by the region’s markets, the Spanish paytech can provide localized and strategic support to both the merchant and the end customer throughout the entire process.

Thanks to its wide range of local payment methods, the Spanish paytech allows you to quickly enter and win business in the most strategic markets on the continent, offering settlement of funds around the world with global currency.

Choose PayRetailers as your payment provider to speed up your expansion and attract consumers in Latin America with a global vision and a local strategy. PayRetailers has the technology and flexibility to adapt to each company, regardless of the industry.

Accelerate your internationalization in Latin America and benefit from local specialists with PayRetailers!