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"Strengthening economic and social support networks for women in Chilón, Chiapas, Mexico"

PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol are committed to various social causes in LATAM, with the NGO Manos Unidas. This time, their efforts are towards strengthening support, social and economic networks of women in Chilón, Mexico, with the aim of providing useful tools to improve the life quality of women and children in the most affected areas in the region.
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An alliance for Mexico

This partnership in Mexico is based on fighting poverty in the region, which mainly affects women and children, as they are exposed to greater social and economic vulnerability. This project aims at strengthening their social and economic empowerment through support networks that help them claim their right to a decent life, promoting microfinancing initiatives among groups of women to improve their quality of life and autonomy.

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Our purpose with Manos Unidas

Through our commitment to improving the quality of life of people in Latin America - together with the Spanish NGO - we will raise finances to strengthen economic and social support networks of women in Chilón, Chiapas. Manos Unidas finances comprehensive development programs through local organizations, aimed at promoting food security, local culture, economic growth and reducing inequalities for the women who live in Chilón.

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A Social Responsibility donation

The PayRetailers Group will donate a percentage of all transactions processed during November 2022. That funding will be used in its entirety to strengthen economic and social support networks for women in Chilón, Chiapas.

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Chilón town in Chiapas

Chilón town in Chiapas is in Mexico. The lack of financial resources in the community forces its inhabitants to live in vulnerable conditions due to food and social insecurity, causing women to work in in undignified conditions, which affects child-rearing and quality of life.

PayRetailers operates in Mexico, offering alternative payment options, promoting financial inclusion and connectivity in communities without access to financial services.