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A recent global study by master card found that 62% of consumers say it’s more important than ever for businesses to behave in an innovative and sustainable way, and 54% believe reducing their carbon footprint is more important since COVID-19.

It is a fact that consumers are investing in a more sustainable future, and this extends to commerce. From tangible goods to transportation, tourism to digital goods, consumers are scrutinizing their buying habits to reduce their carbon footprint. And they expect businesses to do the same, from the products they sell to the payment options they provide.

Payment processor partners like PayRetailers are not only a great option to offer several methods to adjust to the different markets, but also help your business reduce waste from the buying experience by offering more sustainable digital options, and users by making more sustainable decisions.

In this blog, we will explore the ways in which embracing online payment solutions and diversifying your payment methods can contribute to making your business more environmentally sustainable while simultaneously bolstering consumer trust. We’ll also delve into the specific offerings from PayRetailers that can assist you to achieve this.

Help the planet with digital payments

While traditional payment methods such as cash and cards continue to enjoy popularity among various consumers in Latin America, there are noteworthy aspects of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) that are often overlooked yet offer incredible benefits for your business.

A significant 52% of consumers prioritize sustainability as a key factor in their purchasing decisions, with a substantial 88% expressing a commitment to environmental considerations. Fortunately for your business, beyond the inherent speed and convenience of online payment options, there is also an ecological perspective that brings numerous advantages.

  • Reduced resource consumption saving natural resources like trees, water, and metals.
  • Less waste.
  • Lower air pollution helping reduce carbon emissions.
  • As 86% of the world’s population already have smartphones, it offsets some of the environmental impacts of digital payments, lowering electronic waste.
  • Sustainable data centers leverage cloud technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, making the demand for electricity more efficient.


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Ease and choice for your customers

Digital payments help reduce your impact on the environment, and they offer customers the added benefits of speed and convenience. Here are some ways to help your business and your customers to have a smoother and more sustainable payment process.

  1. Offer digital wallets

In LatAm, this method is increasingly becoming popular, and by 2025, digital wallet users are projected to exceed a billion users in the region. This option is fast and reliable, and its efficiency extends beyond mere transaction speed. Digital wallets contribute to enhanced security, providing users with advanced encryption measures and authentication protocols, ensuring a secure and trustworthy payment environment.

Through PayRetailers, you can seamlessly integrate digital wallet options such as MACH in Chile, unlocking a host of benefits for your business. In addition to the security features, embracing digital wallets can lead to increased customer loyalty, streamlined checkout experiences, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. By offering these innovative payment solutions, you position your business at the forefront of the market, meeting the demands of a growing base of environmentally-conscious and tech-savvy consumers.

  1. Streamlined payment links

Payment links use no paper, making your payment process more seamless, convenient, and environmentally friendly. Payment links empower your business to accept online payments across various channels, whether it’s in person, online, or on the go.

PayRetailers provides this innovative option for your business, ensuring not only a frictionless payment experience but also the flexibility to adapt to diverse customer preferences. By incorporating payment links into your payment ecosystem, you’re not just embracing efficiency; you’re also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and meeting the evolving expectations of your users.

  1. Embrace online methods

By offering online payments, not only do you cater to the growing preference for digital transactions, but you also open the door to a broader customer base seeking convenience and efficiency in their financial interactions. Additionally, options such as SPEI for Mexico or PIX for Brazil provide instant payments, guaranteeing an excellent user experience and giving your transactions the speed of light.

Furthermore, our platform integrates seamlessly with a variety of banking institutions, including trusted names like BBVA, Santander, and Itau, ensuring that your customers across different countries have a diverse array of reliable payment options to choose from. This versatility not only enhances user satisfaction but also positions your business as adaptive and customer-centric in the global market, contributing to a more sustainable and digitally driven future.

Embracing the evolution of online payment methods is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of today’s consumers. By offering seamless transactions, instant payments, and a variety of trusted options across different regions, your business becomes a global player in the digital landscape. The journey towards a sustainable and customer-centric future begins with these choices.

At PayRetailers, we understand the importance of adaptability and efficiency. As you take these steps, envision a future where every transaction is not just a moment of exchange but a connection between businesses and their customers. Together, let’s shape a world where convenience, speed, and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

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