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Charitable Cause in Colombia

"Defense of the rights of the Wayúu people in communities of La Guajira"

PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol enters a strategic alliance with the Organization Manos Unidas, to help the Wayúu people in communities of La Guajira, to improve their quality of life, giving them the social support, they need to lead a dignified life free of discrimination.

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An alliance for Colombia

The alliance for Colombia focuses on the transformative power of helping, which can contribute to reducing malnutrition, improving community health and access to future opportunities that improve people's quality of life. Our social operation begins in the Guajira peninsula, where the Wayúu indigenous people are found.

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Our purpose with Manos Unidas

Through our commitment - to improve the quality of life of people in Latin America - together with the Spanish NGO, we will collect financial means to defend the rights of the Wayúu community. Manos Unidas finances comprehensive development programs through local organizations, aimed at raising awareness and combating malnutrition, lack of education and unequal opportunities for the most vulnerable populations in the world.

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A Social Responsibility donation

The PayRetailers Group will make a donation of €1 for each payment processing transaction carried out throughout the month of June 2022. This collection will be distributed and used to defend the rights of the Wayúu people in La Guajira.

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The Wayúu people of La Guajira, Colombia

The Wayúu are an indigenous people that inhabit the Guajira peninsula, the northeasternmost part of Colombia, bordering Venezuela. It is considered an “abandoned” region, due to the lack of food and water in sufficient quantities, as well as the lack of access to health, education and inclusion services suffered by members of this community.

PayRetailers operates in Colombia with alternative payment options, promoting financial inclusion and connectivity in communities without access to financial services.