The influence of artificial intelligence in online payments and football by PayRetailers, the official sponsor of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana


Taking into account the innovative role that technology plays in the payment methods industry and football, within the framework of PayRetailers’ sponsorship of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, we will review the great impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on the growth of both sectors in Latin American markets.

AI stands out as a tool to boost digital payments

Today, more and more companies, such as banks, payment gateways and other Fintech platforms, use artificial intelligence as a technological tool to enhance their financial practices.

From fraud detection, increased automation, rigorous data analysis and even improved user experience, the implementation of AI in the digital payments industry has long played an essential role.

PayRetailers’ business model is based on digital transaction processing, connecting international merchants with consumers in Latin American emerging markets.

Every day, millions of people make cross-border payments through this gateway. Therefore, it is essential to have artificial intelligence support to reduce processing time and manage a large amount of data while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory requirements and operational efficiency.

Similarly, the robust technological authentication system allows the Spanish Paytech to reach new customers by storing their historical data and predicting their consumption behaviour. Thus, it allows them to improve their services as a payment gateway.

The impact of artificial intelligence on the supreme sport

As in electronic payments, AI in football is also characterised by its ability to boost this sector since it allows collecting large amounts of data and identifying trends and behaviours to serve as a necessary forecasting basis.

On the one hand, artificial intelligence allows athletes and the coaching staff to go beyond the simple description of facts. It is an entirely innovative approach, capable of merging technology with qualitative analysis and entertainment, with the clear objective of enriching the sports experience.

By recording everything that happens on the playing field automatically, with increased speed and accuracy, artificial intelligence can process crucial data, such as the number of passes players make, each player’s speed and goal shots, among other data required by modern football.

Also, artificial intelligence has an advantage for the fans of the supreme sport. With this tool, spectators gain access to more information while following the matches, by knowing the status and effectiveness of the teams before entering the playing field based on probabilistic models that allow them to enjoy even the pre-match with greater knowledge.

In this way, offering more personalised experiences can also mean more loyalty and engagement from fans, and a consequent strengthening of the market as a whole.

Innovative by nature, artificial intelligence works with algorithms that help enhance internal processes, achieving a better workflow both in the digital payment ecosystem and football, providing greater information processing precision.

PayRetailers & CONMEBOL: an action for “Aldeas Infantiles”, Peru

As the official sponsors of CONMEBOL Sudamericana, on August 4, the PayRetailers team had the opportunity to invite 15 children from the “Aldeas Infantiles” Organisation, to enjoy the match between the teams Melgar and Internacional in Arequipa, Peru.

At PayRetailers, we support various charitable causes in Latin America, channelling our local efforts to generate a social impact, promoting financial inclusion and diversity in the emerging markets where we provide payment solutions to global companies, which are part of our corporate commitment in the region.