The CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ and PayRetailers progress into the Semifinals

PayRetailers - TThe CONMEBOL Sudamericana and PayRetailers progress into the semifinals

The results of the Quarterfinals

In our last article, we have talked about the teams that might enter the next phase of the tournament. As it turns out, our projection, based on the goals per game metric and the overall better odds, that Peñarol should win against Sporting Cristal has been correct. The two legs have both been won by the Uruguayans – the first with 3:1 and the second with 1:0.

The projection for the second encounter, however, was wrong. We thought that Rosario should proceed due to its better odds, but Red Bull Bragantino has been the winner. Both matches went in favor of RB Bragantino, with the first being a 4:3 win and the second a 1:0 success.

Our prediction of the result when it comes to Atletico Paranaense versus LDU Quito has been correct. Although Paranaense lost its first match with 0:1, it could turn the tide in the second match and win 4:2.

The last encounter of Santos versus Libertad has been for the benefit of the latter team. This pairing was a nailbiter as the results of both matches have been incredibly close. The first has been won by Santos with 2:1, and the second by Libertad with 1:0. Santos managed to receive a red card in each of the matches, although unimportant for the course of the games as both have been given in the additional time.

Top players

In the statistics of the top players who have at least half as many appearances as the players with the most, according to, we see that Rosario Central’s Emiliano Vecchio still is the best overall player, now in the Quarterfinals, after showing an outstanding performance in the Round of 16. His high consistency, excellent playmaking and ball control are an integral part of Rosario’s success, although the team ultimately got eliminated. He didn’t score more goals or gave assists in the last two matches but managed to play full 90 minutes and support his team with the ability to lead the midfield.

Agustín Álvarez Martínez of Peñarol shares the second place with Yonatthan Rak of Bahia (eliminated in the group phase) and still has the chance to take the top spot now, after Vecchio left the tournament. Martínez shot 9 goals and is known for his effective tackling (13 tackles to date). He even got more assists than Vecchio (2 versus 1) but accounts for substantially fewer dribbles (32 versus 18). To take the top spot, the Uruguayan needs to improve his passing accuracy that is only average with 74%, while Vecchio managed to reach an average of 88%.

Who will proceed to the Finals?

Especially the clear win of Bragantino over Rosario shows that Bragantino has turned into a favorite to win the edition this year. The game statistics show that Rosario conceded, often due to a remarkable offense, that caused more corner kicks and big chances. Bragantino’s goalkeeper could save more often than Rosario’s lineman, and the defense of Bragantino accounts for more blocked shots. Against Libertad, Bragantino might be the winner, as Libertad struggled to gain advantage over Santos.

Peñarol achieved commanding wins over Cristal and showed the potential of the team. It is likely that the Uruguayans win against Paranaense as well. The Brazilian team never managed to dominate Quito and only shifted into high gear in the second half of the second match.

Increasing excitement at PayRetailers

During the whole tournament, PayRetailers has taken the honor to be an Official Sponsor of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana™ very seriously and managed to fully relish the possibilities to inform all companies across the world that are linked to the event about its services. Our presence in the stadiums and on the TV screen across the world makes for a strong standing of the South American payment industry, with many new partnerships already in the making. We are more and more excited to fully exhaust the potential of this remarkable continent for merchants and consumers alike.