SLAR 2022 by PayRetailers: Peñarol wins the American Rugby Super League


Last Friday, May 27, Peñarol Rugby defeated Selknam 24-13 at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo, becoming champion of SLAR 2022: the most important rugby tournament on the continent, sponsored by PayRetailers.

The Super Finals of the Rugby Super League, 2022

Being the first and most important professional rugby tournament in South America, PayRetailers could not miss the opportunity to officially sponsor the American Rugby Super League, leaving its mark on the history of the sport throughout the region.

This time, Peñarol Rugby took the gold home, consolidating itself as the king of rugby in LATAM. With indisputable solidity, the Uruguayan team demonstrated a persistent domination in the fixed formations, gaining control of the actions over Selknam team throughout the game.

In the second half, Selknam went for a change in the result. Due to the pressure exerted by the Chilean team on Peñarol, the Uruguayan team committed fouls and received yellow cards, so the match became somewhat more balanced.

Peñarol Rugby found it difficult to reverse Selknam’s twist as they now had just 13 players on defense to prevent Selknam from keeping deducting points.

However, close to the finals, the Uruguayan team won a penalty and the player Etcheverry scored the goal that defined the match, making Peñarol Rugby the 2022 SLAR champion.

At PayRetailers, we are very happy to support a sport like rugby throughout the entire Latin American region. Without a doubt, it is the beginning of a great long-term collaboration, where this sponsorship will bear fruits for both parties: both for sport and for our brand positioning in all the local markets where we operate, generating significant and beneficial visibility for the company”, comments Renato Cassinelli, Public Relations Manager at PayRetailers.