PayRetailers secures payment processing with localized anti-fraud system

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The leading European Paytech in the emerging markets of Latin America continues to perfect its anti-fraud strategy, with a team of experts and the latest technologies to prevent and manage fraudulent transactions that can occur in the region.

If your company offers digital sales, you know that exposure to fraud is a reality that no business can ignore. However, if you have a payment solution with a high anti-fraud scoring system it’s entirely possible to minimize the risk.

The opportunities are far greater than the risks, and PayRetailers offers localized anti-fraud strategies to mitigate them, protecting your business and your end customers in Latin America.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that most online fraud attempts occur at the time of payment. Hence the importance of measuring, tracking and generating real-time reports that show trends and raise red flags when anomalies are detected, in order to neutralize them and increase conversions.

With PayRetailers as a payment service provider (PSP), checkout fraud is not a concern as it offers a robust risk management and prevention system. With the aid of the best technology, our team of experts monitor and review high-risk transactions to ensure they are legitimate payments, striking a perfect balance between prevention and authorized transactions.

Protect your business with smart and localized prevention

PayRetailers’ intelligent fraud prevention model is designed so that companies that operate under a cross-border model and want to expand their business in Latin America can spend less time worrying about preventing fraudulent transactions and more time enhancing their strategy to increase their sales ratios.

Designed according to your vertical and business model, PayRetailers’ anti-fraud system brings together the best technology and professionals with local expertise to define a fraud prevention strategy to meet your needs.

The main features of the prevention system employed by PayRetailers for international merchants are the following:

– Protection throughout processing: PayRetailers mitigates fraud risk by using trusted payment security technologies, customized rules, machine learning models and customer data enrichment databases—validated with PCI, the 3D Secure system and tokenization—to accurately identify genuine transactions and block potentially fraudulent ones.

– Risk engine with machine learning: the solution has a sophisticated fraud decision model that, through big data combinations, detects patterns imperceptible to humans, assess the risk of a particular transaction or digital purchase and take appropriate action on a case-by-case basis.

– Tailored strategy and local knowledge: the payment processor addresses your company’s unique fraud issues through a large-scale, adaptive machine learning solution, fully compatible with your vertical, consumer location and business priorities.

– Real-time reporting: merchants are always aware of the status of their transactions, as they have access to real-time, customizable reports on all payment transactions, balances, refunds, chargebacks and settlements in their business, recording the volume of approved transactions and explanations for those that were rejected.

End-customer benefits: security, trust and frictionless transactions

This is how PayRetailers protects your business during the entire payment process, without the need for an additional security provider, reducing costs and improving operating performance.

It also enhances the relationship of trust needed to build consumer loyalty, using robust technology to keep transactions secure at every step of the purchase, striking a balance between fraud prevention and an optimal checkout process.

The ability to manage threats even before they occur is critical to the expansion of any digital business vertical. With PayRetailers’ relevant technology and professional team, international companies gain an effective, localized fraud prevention strategy, facilitated by a partner with expertise in preventing and managing fraudulent transactions in Latin America. Bring your payment processing security to the forefront with PayRetailers!