PayRetailers and the SLAR work together to enhance the digital experience for the rugby fans


On December 20, 2021, PayRetailers announced that it will be an Official Sponsor of the Súper Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR) for the 2022 season. This marks the second sponsorship in our company history, only one year after beginning the first. We at PayRetailers think that bringing communities together with celebrating sports events is the best way to make a positive impact on the society. Our payment services already improve the financial inclusion and strength in the region, so it comes as no surprise that after a South American football sponsorship, we continue with supporting the newly founded rugby league for Latin America. PayRetailers and the SLAR will work together on improving the digital experience for the fans, with platforms and services for ticketing and merchandising.

What is the SLAR?

The SLAR is the American Rugby Superleague, and it has recently been founded in 2019. The inaugural season should have been the 2020 one, but due to the pandemic, the first season was postponed to the following year. This league is supervised by the Confederation Sudamérica Rugby which has been founded in 1988 and manages the major rugby tournaments in Middle and South America. It is also a member of the governing body World Rugby and seeks to improve the rugby ecosystem in South America for young aspirants and professional players alike.

The SLAR will be held in parallel with the Major Rugby League (MLR) of the United States and Canada to present itself as the competition for the southern continent, while the MLR being the northern competition. This will bring a better balance for the fans, and this newly introduced offer will enable them to follow their favorite teams even closer.

The SLAR members

Rugby gains more interest in the recent years as this sports is one of the most demanding for the mind and body as well as requires a strong team mindset and perseverance. Over the course of the recent decades, more and more teams formed and there has finally been a demand for an official league. The current mode comprises 6 teams: Cobras Brasil XV, Olímpia Lions (Paraguay), Peñarol Rugby (Uruguay), Selknam (Chile), Cafeteros Pro (Colombia), and Jaguares (Argentina). In the future, there might be up to 8 members, but at least for the 2022 and 2023 seasons, 6 is the set count. The teams mentioned have played in the 2021 edition of the league, and it is apparent that even the first season has been exciting with all those teams from different countries.

We at PayRetailers are thrilled to see this league unfold in the 2022 edition with us being an Official Sponsor. We are excited to help this, compared to football, relatively small sports to gain more traction, and we know how it’s like to grow quickly and perform well to meet the demands of our customers. With this knowledge, we will make a difference in the region for fans and rugby teams alike. On to the 2022 season!