PayRetailers and the CONMEBOL Sudamericana cup continue to promote financial inclusion in LATAM through sport


PayRetailers, official sponsor of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana cup for the second year in a row consolidates its brand presence in LATAM, betting on financial inclusion in the region.

CONMEBOL Sudamericana and PayRetailers today

The first phase of the tournament started last March and 32 teams are vying for qualification, four representatives out of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela will face each other and seek to continue advancing in search of “La Gran Conquista” (or The Great Conquest).

On their side, PayRetailers continues to have a strong brand presence both offline and online. We have been able to observe how the brand has been growing in the digital ecosystem and gaining greater renown in the world of soccer, as well as it has been transforming itself within the digital payments industry, positioning itself in full sight of the world as far as sports sponsorships are concerned.

PayRetailers, on the road to financial inclusion in LATAM

In the last two years, PayRetailers has helped large companies to expand their business throughout the Latin American continent due, in principle, to the strong structure that the company has built in local markets, allowing it to help international merchants to understand the mindset of the users in each country in depth.

Thanks to the fact that more companies are now able to reach the Latin American public, consumers in the region have also taken advantage of the opportunity to access new financial products and services that allow them to meet their needs by making payments quickly and easily, among other transactions the access to which was almost unthinkable some time ago.

The key to making all this a reality is the abrupt development of e-commerce, which has crossed all types of borders and is the key to continuing to reduce poverty and boost financial inclusion in Latin America.

About PayRetailers

Incorporated in 2017, PayRetailers is a leading Spanish payment services company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with regional offices in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

Its flagship online payment platform is a unified solution that integrates more than 250 payment methods, including digital payment alternatives using local currency, such as cash payments, credit/debit cards, online banking, QR codes and a wide range of e-wallets.

PayRetailers’ payment platform leverages API technology to connect Latin American consumers with international merchants, offering a seamless payment experience.

From the merchant’s perspective, the solution has the distinct advantage of removing the obstacles associated with integrating multiple customers and payment methods, by setting multiple local entities up and managing payment processors and payments separately.

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