Main e-commerce workflow automation processes

One of the priorities for e-commerce workflow is upgrading your automation methods. Although they facilitate operations, the increased speed they promote makes the competitivity of your business dependent on annual renewal. Discover digital commerce ideas and learn about some recent automation processes for retail.

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What is workflow automation in e-commerce?

This refers to the application of tools and techniques that enable you to accomplish your business operations, freeing up time and resources, especially human resources

It is common for many tasks to be the responsibility of just a few people in a company, which increases burnout and inaccuracies.

Automation processes are solutions that make it possible to move from the mechanical to the inventive and experimental. Production is streamlined and, in just a short time, new products and ways of interacting with the customer can emerge.

There are tools that ease the process of a purchase and that answer faster to the volume of transactions in a booming business, such as payment platforms. 

At PayRetailers we detonate transaction barriers. We bring you a versatile payment system at the cutting edge of development in banking and digital commerce. We provide you with solutions, but we also accompany you through consultancy, so that you can expand your business.

In the workflow automation process, we advise you to begin with a schematic analysis. Identify which activities are performed in your e-commerce and specify the different steps involved.

  • Define the parameters and logic required for each activity to be fulfilled.
  • Study the current year’s automation methods. Every year, online businesses change their strategies, and these tend to become mass strategies. This is due to the adjustments that software companies release in their products.
  • Paying attention to the benefits of recent software programs will allow you to stay ahead of trends and avoid strategies becoming obsolete.
  • Select the tools that best fit your business and program them according to your schedule of tasks. Let the software do them for you and let your strategies take effect as your e-commerce performance grows.

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Which workflows can be used: 5 e-commerce workflow automation processes

Workflow automation in e-commerce is split according to activities and departments, since marketing includes operations that are very different from other tasks, such as product shipping. The main keys to automation in 2023 can be counted on one hand and can be solved with just a few different software programs:

  1. In general, in all businesses, incorporating new vendors and suppliers demands considerable resources, especially for registration purposes. One recurring alternative is to use spreadsheets, based on data supplied, such as e-mail. Even these methods can be tedious. Nowadays, online forms have proven to be effective and practical. These same methods are used to present these new sellers with all the information they need to know about your e-commerce.
  2. Until recently, purchase orders were processed and approved using spreadsheets and continual manual interventions were made during order tracking. Today, you can find automated approval forms that use routing based on several product or supplier characteristics. For instance, category and credit ratings, respectively.
  3. Aim to automate the process of listing new items. For this task there are many tools that can make it easier to upload data into your inventory and catalogs. Keep in mind that this process may require image editing and other details before your product is made available online.
  4. Few e-commerce businesses are prepared for refund requests. One excellent automation strategy is to take these requests outside your website’s comment box or emails. Workflow software programs with Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking are good alternatives. At PayRetailers we provide you with a gateway of fast transfer methods so that you can handle returns in the shortest possible time. You will avoid your customers’ concern and gain their trust.
  5. Sometimes complaints may seem insignificant, but responding to them, as well as to comments and suggestions, is something that sets the best e-commerce businesses apart from the rest. Keeping up to date with complaints allows customers to feel heard.
    A good way to automate complaint processing is through Software as a Service based software, as manually collecting complaints can be very time consuming. However, a simple personalized answer is always better.

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5 Automation tools to integrate with your e-commerce platform

You can also use automation software in conjunction with your e-commerce platform:

1. Mailchimp

It is a marketing automation tool that helps you send emails to your customers.


With this automation tool you can activate workflows for internal processes and communication with your clients.

3.Wave Accounting

This accounting and billing tool allows you to keep track of your entire business through its automated packages.


This is a help desk tool that has very easy to use automation features and adjusts to customer growth.


This help desk tool allows you to automate the work and save time to offer customer support.

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Benefits of workflow automation processes in e-commerce

The growth in digital commerce has created new levels of meticulousness. However, many of these are data-related tasks. By applying automation processes to an e-commerce, this informative and detailed work can be covered in less time and with greater accuracy.

As such, your team can take advantage of their intellectual value, as the mechanical work is taken care of. Your business begins to benefit from the variety of employee ideas and employees who can devote their efforts to invention and innovation. But it also means that the errors and inaccuracies inherent in manual tasks are reduced.

Your finances also benefit. You can save resources that were previously allocated to data processing. E-commerce order processing workflow enables you to manage delivery times better and run inventories more efficiently. 

With PayRetailers, order bottlenecks are reduced to a minimum. We offer you a payment platform with which your customers can find their ideal transfer options. With these automation strategies, customers and suppliers drive an increased flow of goods.

At PayRetailers we provide automation processes for the five fundamental parts of your e-commerce. Optimizing everything from vendor management to customer feedback will keep you up to date and set you apart from the competition.

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