The most secure online payment methods for e-commerce

most secure method of payment

Knowing which are the secure online payment solutions is crucial if you want your business to grow. Below we will give you essential information so that you work with the best.


What makes a payment method ‘secure’?

What makes a secure online payment solution? The technology that allows to protect the transaction data, the means and the devices that have taken part in the payment process.

These are some elements:


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How to choose secure methods of payment

When choosing an online payment method, you should think about the two main actors: your customers and the store. If you choose a payment gateway, such as PayRetailers, it should have the following qualities:

  1. Universality

It must be a platform that accepts local and international payment methods. This will increase the spectrum of potential customers.

Internet has globalized the market and, consequently, potential customers. Providing payment options to the public that is not in the same city as your physical headquarters is a competitive advantage.

2. Security

It is a priority. A secure online payment solution should offer reassurance, so it is not enough to be it but it should also look like it.


In this sense, a study by the Baymard Institute established that 19% of the customers do not finish the purchase as they do not trust website.

Another research carried out by the PwC Financial Sector Center and the IE Business School for the financial group BBVA, suggests that payment methods should not only be secure but also transmit that security to the client.


3. Friendly

The payment gateway that you choose should be simple to configure and friendly for the end user or buyer. A complicated interface means that many customers leave their full cart just before paying.

To fulfil this requirement, it is important that the platform deletes procedures that are not strictly necessary. Its functioning should be simple to understand and easy to use, even for non-millennials.

4. Monitorable

Some payment gateways offer stores tools to track the behavior of sales, the most wanted products and the profile of the customer who buys. This will allow you to aim your shelves towards the most wanted products and quickly supply the missing ones.

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5. Real-time alerts

Look for payment gateways that provide continuous monitoring of operations and that can warn you when there are suspicious operations. This will allow you to quickly know about possible hacking attempts or intrusion to the page for illegal purposes.

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6. Versatility

A good payment method should allow the customer to use different tools such as credit or debit cards, transfers, digital wallets and/or bank consignments.


According to the Baymard Institute, 70 out of 100 customers who place an item in their cart abandon it. Why? Between 8 and 19% of them do so because they are not satisfied with the payment methods provided.


Therefore, by having more payment methods, the abandonment rate can be reduced to 13% and, if you offer the ones your customers prefer, this rate could be reduced to 5%.

7. Mobile version

It is essential that your payment methods are perfectly adapted to cell phones to promote the growth of your business.

The firm Statista, carried out a study that established a growth of 25% to 71% of users who made purchases using their smartphones in Spain, between 2014 and 2020.

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Online payment methods to avoid if you want a secure payment solution

1. Sending money

Starting with the easiest part, as a user or buyer you should avoid sending cash for something you have bought online. In these cases, fraud risks always exist.

2. Sending checks

Another payment method for online shopping that specialists do not recommend is sending checks payable to a supposed supplier. Not only do you run the risk of being scammed, but you are exposing your bank account information to an unknown person.

It is also a risk for the seller. If the product has been sent, by the time the check is cashed at the bank, it is very difficult to solve something if the document is forged or the signature is not correct.

3. Wire transfer

When you buy online from a supplier that you do not know and do a transfer, it entails a significant fraud risk. The bank procedures to get your money back are usually very tedious and difficult to complete successfully. Of course. This can be avoided if you perform the transaction through a payment gateway.

4. Money orders

Money orders are usually very common in Latin American countries, especially when sending remittances to relatives. But it is a different story when paying for something that has been bought online. Specialists do not recommend these as an online payment method because, as with sending money, it is very difficult to get it back in case of fraud.

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Why should you use a secure online payment  solution?

Here are some of the advantages that payment gateways offer online businesses:

  • Increased security: protects sensitive data and secures transactions with encryption protocols, and ensures compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
  • Fraud prevention: reduces the risk of data loss and identity theft by using fraud detection tools such as CVV (Card Verification Value), AVS (Address Verification Service) and 3-D Secure.
  • Larger customer base: supports cross-border online payments, making it easier for merchants to operate their e-commerce business internationally and earn more money online.
  • Faster transactions: provides various functions to ensure a smooth and fast payment process.

Secure methods of online payments

When you make a purchase, it is inevitable to feel a bit scared when it comes to entering your data. And it is logical, since cybercrime exists, what is the most secure way to pay online?

It is good to know nowadays what the secure methods of online payments are:

1. Credit cards

This payment method is protected against fraud thanks to an insurance sold by some banks as part of their services. It is also easy to reverse a transaction if the transaction was not satisfactory for the buyer. Likewise, it allows to identify the seller at the time of payment and for the bank to deposit in his bank account.

2. Third party payment services

In Latin America they have been useful because their users do not have to have a credit card. They can do this by affiliating a bank account. Their security is based on the fact that you do not need to use your card number or bank account in each store you interact with.

When you make a purchase using this method, you simply credit the amount to your payment service account and your buyer will be debited from there without having access to your personal and sensitive financial data.

3. Prepaid cards

Many banks offer their customers and individuals prepaid cards. Their security is due to two reasons. The first is that it is not linked to any of your bank accounts or credit cards. Therefore, by using them, you only share with the store the plastic’s information.

Secondly, you choose the funds for each purchase. That is, you recharge it, buy and if you need more, you recharge it again. Nowadays, you can even recharge it from your cell phone.

4. Payment processor

Using a payment processor such as PayRetailers is one of the safest options. Customers have the possibility of carrying out their transactions through bank cards (credit or debit), transfers, digital wallets or QR codes.

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PayRetailers, a secure online payment solution

PayRetailers is a payment gateway that has several key points for its clients. Firstly, its security mechanisms have the endorsement of world-class audits that are carried out permanently.

This has allowed its security to be certified by the sector’s leading experts and guarantees the strict protection of the data in each operation. In addition, this security has been firmly proven in the use of more than 250 payment methods in 12 Latin American countries.


With this payment gateway, security not only exists but is also transmitted. The owner of the store or business receives a real-time notification of each transaction. With this he can immediately spot an abnormal situation.


Another advantage that makes PayRetailer more secure, is the use of a single service provider and a single API payment integration. In this way, any concerns by the gateway’s users can be solved more quickly. In the end, this translates into more security and, above all, a greater peace of mind.

Pay attention to your choice

There are currently many options in payment platforms for your customers and you should know that the more options you offer, the more users that will finish their purchase. Start using your secure online payment methods now to turn your business venture into a success.

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