Online game payments: know the best payment methods

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How do people pay for online games? This question is related to the need for secure, fast, and reliable payments for online games. Online payments are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily lives.

We are always ordering goods and services through websites and applications. This also occurs in digital games. In many of these games, a micro-payment or a full payment must be made. In this article, we show you everything you need to know about payments in virtual games.

Payment options for online games

Depending on the game and the security that its creators want to provide, there are several options. In online gaming businesses, it is important to offer versatility to customers. 

They have to be sure about how to pay for games. It is important that you combine different means of payment for the games you publish. In this way, you will reach as many customers as possible. Let’s take a look at the main options.


  • Credit or debit cards for virtual payment: With the rise of internet businesses, several banking companies and financial organizations have started to offer cards compatible with online payments. To use them, you will be asked for the card number, expiration date, and CVV code on the back of the card.


  • Electronic payment systems: In this case, the company that owns the game uses an intermediary for customers to make the required payment. The intermediary is responsible for connecting to the customer’s bank account and crediting the payment. It then sends the money to the market account. With just a little of information and a few minutes, you will be able to make payments in a simple, fast, and secure way.


  • PayPal: This is the most widely used platform internationally. Many online casino portals use this service. By 2021, PayPal had about 426 million users worldwide.


  • Digital wallets: These are usually offered by financial organizations. They allow customers to make virtual purchases without the need to have a bank account. Customers will be able to do everything digitally.


  • Payment gateways: This solution is the best for your business, as it is comprehensive. It will suit you both in a physical and virtual store. Payment gateways authorize purchases that companies receive on their websites.

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The best payment methods for online game payments

As you have just seen, there are different alternatives to pay for online services and games. Surely, another question will now arise: what is the best option? 

We must remember that every business must maintain a good cost/profit ratio. Here are some of the best payment methods. We’ll answer the question, what is the cost of online  games?


  • Electronic payment systems: One of the main advantages of this payment method is that you have the support of an intermediary that generally will not have technical problems. Likewise, several companies offering these services have spread widely in different countries and are trusted by their customers.


  • Payment gateways: Gateways provide you with great features in exchange for a fee. After looking at what they have to offer, you will find them to be quite inexpensive. One of the greatest advantages of these companies is the great diversity of payment alternatives they offer. 


Gateways allow you to make purchases through a credit card, make virtual or cash payments, and many other services. One of the most recognized payment gateways in Latin America is PayRetailers, which has a presence in twelve countries in the region. In addition, it offers alternatives that adapt to the needs of customers in each particular market.

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The most secure payment methods for online games

In online games, there are many fraudsters who seek to obtain gamers’ information to carry out virtual scams. For this reason, security is of the utmost importance when choosing a payment method as a customer or game creator. 

As we explained, there are different means of payments. The following is a list of the safest ones:


  • PayPal: This company has vast experience in different countries around the world. It has succeeded in the most demanding markets and is a global leader in everything that has to do with online payments. One of the main advantages of PayPal is its refund protection service. Thanks to this service, a customer can request a refund if the product or service purchased does not meet the agreed conditions.


  • Payment gateways: Again, payment gateways stand out for their comprehensive services. What about security? One of the biggest advantages offered by payment gateways is their support and customer service. With gateways, customers can request information on any transaction they have questions about in real time, 24 hours a day. This service combines the security of banks with the verification processes of gateway protocols.

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What are the risks of online gaming payments?

One should always keep security in mind when paying for online games. 

It is important to ask yourself, what are the risks of online  gaming? Become familiar with them.


  • Online scammers: Whenever making purchases in online games, always try to do so through channels approved by the creators of the game. Avoid monetary exchanges with other players.


  • Fraudulent payments: Be wary of games whose development studios are of dubious origin. Try to use known payment alternatives that provide certainty, security, and trust.


  • Insecure pages: Whenever you are going to make an online purchase, verify that you have the latest version of your web browser. Additionally, check that the site has a secure connection. Usually, you will see a green lock next to the link bar. This lock means that the connection is secure on the website.


We hope that you understand the importance of implementing a payment gateway after looking at the information we have presented. Remember that PayRetailers is a safe and reliable option.

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