What is one-click payment method?

one click payments

The one-click payment method is a tool that eases the online shopping experience for customers, as they can pay for a product or service by clicking on a single button, without having to enter their payment details each time they make a purchase. 

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At PayRetailers we tell you in detail the benefits of this feature. And we will answer questions such as: Is one-click payment secure? and how does the one-click checkout work?

What is one-click payment?

This is a CRO (Click Rate Optimization) technique that is based on minimizing the number of clicks the user or customer has to make between deciding to buy and paying. This will increase the conversion rate and thus increase the overall sales of your e-commerce business.

One-click checkout is a concept that tries to simplify the part that involves the payment of the order and registration of the user with their data on a single page. In this way, it is possible to avoid having a page for each step of the purchase process.

If you shop online, you are probably already familiar with one-click payment. This happens when a consumer visits an online store and can purchase items with a single button

You do not need to add items to your cart, go to the shopping cart and then the payment pages. You only need to complete your information once on the website.

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Is one-click payment safe?

One-click payments are convenient but require attention to security issues. Generally, solutions that enable a single payment system to rely on tokenization to retrieve and store card details. The merchant, therefore, need not worry about safeguarding this confidential data.

When considering this process, it is the buyer’s responsibility to store all card details and process transactions when requested by the merchant with valid tokens. In addition, the merchant must have a PCI-certified payment gateway and a good user authentication system to minimize the risks of fraud or any other security issues.

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How does one-click checkout work?

buy now with one click

That’s it! This saves the shopper the process of entering their information each time they make an online purchase and makes their experience smoother.

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How do I turn on single click payment?

One-click checkout can be activated manually, with a custom code or you can do it through modules or plugins for your content management system (CMS). There is a wide variety of plugins and each one offers different services; you just have to find the one that suits the needs of your e-commerce store.

How to implement one-click payments in my e-commerce store?

If you want to include one-click payments in your e-commerce store, you will have to follow the next steps:

  • Affiliation: select the plugin that suits your business needs.
  • Integration: technologically connect your business with the plugin systems. To do this, you have plugins for the most popular standard e-commerce web sites, integration tools for different programming languages, and documentation designed to facilitate the process.
  • Validation: once the integration is completed, you will be asked to send documents or proof that guarantees the correct implementation in your website.

At PayRetailers we provide you with advice on how to make it easier for your customers to pay, offering them various payment options and reducing the possibility of abandonment at checkout.

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Benefits of one-click payment in e-commerce

According to a study by the Baymard Institute, one in five shoppers abandoned the checkout process when it became too long or complicated. 

Therefore, for merchants, single payment methods are one of the ways to enable their shoppers to pay quickly, and thus provide a seamless shopping experience. As a result, they can increase sales and customer loyalty for your website.

You will also find benefits such as:

  • Increased flexibility. You will be able to generate payment applications in different mobile or desktop platforms since it does not have web forms.
  • A higher sales conversion rate. The entire checkout process is faster and is done on your website or mobile app, without having to redirect to the issuing bank’s website for bank authentication each time a transaction is made.

In addition to these benefits, the quick and easy nature of one-click checkout also means that shoppers have less time to think about their purchase decision. If you’ve ever had to deal with a complicated payment process, you’ll understand why this is important.

After the initial impulse purchase, most users want to complete their order as soon as possible. If the payment process is lengthy or overly complicated, it will inevitably lead to feelings of frustration. As the initial excitement for their purchase fades and they are left to deal with a mile-long form to complete, they may begin to second guess the purchase.

If it is a small purchase, the buyer might also start to wonder if it is worth going through several checkout pages.

Discover how quick and easy it is to implement our one-click payment method  and allow your customers to pay the way they prefer.

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