The best mobile api payment gateway to use in 2022

mobile app payment gateway

A mobile api payment gateway is an e-commerce tool that works through mobile phone applications. If your business implements this sales mechanism, you’re guaranteed a larger potential audience for your products. Here we explain the reasons why.

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What is an API?

First of all, it is important to know that the integration of an API (Application Programming Interface) aims to be a means that allows two applications to communicate with each other.

This allows you to exchange data with customers and vice versa, but it is not limited to that, it is also possible to implement a program that helps your business sales, as well as customer service, advertising, etc.

Advantages of a payment gateway API

It is not always easy to imagine the benefits of applying new technologies, since sometimes they are out of the comfort zone in which you can find yourself. Therefore, here are 5 advantages of applying this interface:

  • Customer loyalty. Online payment APIs facilitate the way money transactions are made, which makes the customer feel more comfortable. This way, they will choose your company over others.
  • Increased security. Another important point that customers will take into account is that the information handled between applications through this modality is quite secure, since end-to-end encryption can be applied. It is also possible to choose what information to request and what not to request, for the customer’s convenience.
  • Increased sales or business opportunities. Due to the ease and convenience of the payment method, people will be much more willing to buy.
  • Faster payments. By applying this interface, the buyer will be able to reduce the time it takes to make a purchase.
  • Lower maintenance costs. If an API is not applied, the application could be limited and the development would require a lot of time, in addition to constant maintenance. By using this technology, you will not have to worry about maintenance costs.

How do API payment gateways work?

Through a mobile application, these payment gateways manage transactions between buyers and sellers. This is achieved using the data registered by the buyer on their cell phone.

It’s on the rise due to the increasing number of people who connect to the Internet through mobile devices. If in 2017 48.9% of the world’s population was connected to the internet, by 2018 57% of those connections were already made from a mobile phone.

Smartphones function as virtual POS which handle processing the purchase transaction. Just like when using a computer, payment gateways function as intermediaries to ensure that the buyer’s data is encrypted and secure.

Payment gateway integration on Android or Apple IOS represents increased sales for your business. A study by Ditrendia for the mobile sector highlights that in 2019 57% of people already made their virtual purchases using their phone. By 2021, that percentage had increased to 75%.


Mobile payment vs. QR code payment

Mobile payment is an application which allows you to perform commercial transactions from a mobile phone such as sending or receiving money, paying for products or services.

The payment gateway of the mobile application, such as PayRetailers, integrates data such as users’ phone numbers, identity cards and tax information records.


payment gateway apiAll mobile payments apps available for e-commerce 


The QR code is a square unit, whose design of dots and lines stores the information necessary to make a purchase transaction. With a scanner application for reading it, cell phones decode that information to perform a specific operation.

mobile app payment gateway


International mobile payments: Are they valid?

International mobile payments are possible thanks to the service provided by payment gateways and payment processors such as PayRetailers. The user can use their virtual wallet, credit or debit card, a cryptocurrency platform or a transfer using their local currency.

Once the transaction is processed, the gateway validates it and transfers the data to the payment processor which will be in charge of routing the operation. This monitoring is extended until the bank issuing the client’s financial product has given its approval or not. Once the transaction is complete, the parties involved are notified accordingly.


The best Android Payment Gateways

If you’re a merchant, you’ve probably already asked yourself this question: what’s the best online payment gateway? Here are a few which work perfectly with Android.


  • Google Pay It’s a payment gateway that allows users to make transactions using their mobile phones worldwide and contactless.
  • PayPal. With more than 137 million active accounts, one of its greatest advantages is its universality. This ensures that almost every major merchant in the world receives payments through this gateway no matter where your customers are.
  • Stripe. Its interface allows you to integrate the entire payment process into the phone application. It’s one of the most widely used internationally because its code greatly simplifies the entire transaction.

How do I get a payment gateway for my application?

The first thing you need to do is to check with your phone or tablet manufacturer to verify which gateways are compatible with your device. You should also check with payment gateway or payment processing companies like PayRetailers to learn about their product range.

A mobile payment gateway is the key that will not only keep you in the market, but also allow you to grow as fast as the market does. Contact us and find out about the range of possibilities for your business.

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