ecommerce product categories that are going to sell in 2022

ecommerce product categories

Use these 5 ecommerce product categories recommendations to increase the revenue and conversion rate of your store.

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With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, online stores became especially relevant thanks to the many advantages they offer to their users. The different ecommerce product categories provide a wide variety of options that make everything easier for those who need any product or service.

ecommerce has become a special solution to the normal consumption needs that society has. Almost anything can easily be bought online through the various sales models that online companies offer.

Thanks to the restrictions of the pandemic and the new consumer habits resulting therefrom, ecommerce sites grew by 19.6% in 2021. These figures, published by eMarketer, also forecast that growth will continue to 24.5% by 2025.

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Best-selling ecommerce product categories of 2020

The advance of online retailers can be seen in the long product categories list for products featuring increases in sales during 2020 and 2021. Among them are:


  • Exercise machines at home. Exercise bikes top the list, with a significant increase in sales.
  • Food boxes. As restaurants and supermarkets were closed during the beginning of the pandemic, people opted for home delivery. Thus, boxed meals were in high demand.
  • Kitchen accessories. With the whole family at home and more food being ordered for preparation at home, utensils began to be used and sold more.
  • Electronics. Remote working and online education led to more devices being purchased to connect and make life easier.
  • Games. Both electronic and tabletop games were (and still are) highly sought after.
  • Furniture. Also in demand so as to have more comfort during in-home lockdowns.

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Product categories and their market share

These products, which increased their sales during 2020 and 2021, are sure to continue to hold a significant market share during 2022. The main reasons are the creation of habits and the possible extension of the pandemic for some time to come.

Studies carried out by the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company show that food is the category with the largest market share — approximately 10%. This is followed by home care products, with 9.8%, and, very close behind, alcoholic beverages.

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5 ecommerce product categories to watch in 2021

The progressive advance of ecommerce leads to the consideration of productive business strategies that take advantage of this boom. The idea is to take advantage of some top online shopping categories for 2022.

There are 5 categories that are important for you to be familiar with, as they will surely continue to rise throughout 2022. These are products that can help you to increase your sales in your online business:

1. Videogames

Videogames are one of the most popular ecommerce products. This is because the videogame audience is always growing more and more. During these months of the pandemic, they have had a high upswing and will surely continue to captivate for a long time to come.

2. Outdoor equipment

As restrictions are lifted, people begin to resume their lives. This includes traditional country and mountain holidays, for which tents and other special equipment are required.

3. Travel supplies

So much time without going out leads people to feel the need to travel as soon as they can. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of this category if you plan to stock your online store with easy-to-sell products.

4. Take-away containers

As the restaurants begin to open with limited capacities in the dining area, take-away food is starting to peak. Any container that can be used to carry food is going to take off in terms of sales, so that’s where you could focus. After all, these products are sure to become trending ecommerce products in 2022.

5. Micromobility

Bicycles and scooters will be especially relevant, and even more so with the relaxation of the anti-COVID measures to allow them to go out onto the streets.

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What does an ecommerce site need to be secure?

ecommerce product categories

In order for an online shop to function securely, it is important that you take into account some basic considerations. Here are a few simple tips that are sure to help you work better:


  • Have a secure digital platform. A CMS specifically designed for e-businesses should be chosen to help penetrate the market. It is also important that you have regular security updates to ensure the protection of the services you provide.
  • Use CVV (Card Verification Value) and AVS (Address Verification System) systems. Card payments can be susceptible to fraud. You have to be very vigilant with that, and it is advisable to check the CVVs on the cards and use an address verification system (AVS).
  • Secure passwords. You have to use strong passwords to protect your data and prevent unauthorized people from entering your online store and “making a mess.”
  • Avoid storing sensitive information. Even if you have strong passwords and top-notch security tools, you should avoid storing sensitive information, such as card numbers. This way, you avoid possible losses that could affect your company and your customers.
  • Secure payment gateways. These are alternative payment methods so that your business can reach more customers and those customers can pay more easily. These gateways offer several payment options and reduce the possibility of cart abandonment at checkout.


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2022 is a year of many possibilities that will help you boost your e-business to sales levels that will surely surprise you. Of course, we recommend that you choose the right ecommerce product categories to guarantee success… and the rest is a question of work and perseverance.

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