What is an Automated Payment System?

automated payment system

Thanks to technology, industries have been able to make automated payments in an effort to cut down on losses caused by human intervention in error-prone tasks.

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What is an Automated Payment System?

This system is a way for companies to make automated payments and collections to prevent errors when carrying out online transactions.

An increasing number of people are shopping online, so automating these processes boosts the speed of their transactions and payments.

This is thanks to the development of specialized platforms for online transactions such as this, which have helped companies to sell and buy online.

To automate payments you must have an accounts payable software to connect you with strategic partners that offer these services online.

Companies have long issued handwritten or printed invoices, so the transformation may be more difficult for some more than others.

Having the right system for each type of business will help you achieve your objectives and this is achieved by hiring professionals in transactions such as these.

These tools are used to issue invoices automatically and to receive payments, collect payments and streamline processes, seeking to improve the relationship with your customers.

It also works for internal payments to suppliers, payroll, financial obligations or utility bills.

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How do you get an automated payment system?

An automated payment system can help improve the customer’s experience when purchasing your products or services.

In order to sell online, you must add an online payment gateway, an electronic invoicing system and a shopping cart.

The great benefit of using automated payment tools is that, for each transaction or customer movement, business-relevant data is collected.

This information is analyzed to improve website usability, internal processes, marketing campaigns and user experience.

Are automated payments safe?

One of the biggest doubts companies have when it comes to payments such as these is that they believe that there is little security when making transactions.

But this is not true, at the moment there are platforms specialized in establishing secure online payment gateways for companies.

These processes are fully secured so that your company’s and your customers’ data is always protected.

It can even be more secure than conventional invoices that contain personal and often confidential information.

If someone steals or finds this document, they can use that data for other purposes that affect your company or client.

Using Internet payment platforms such as PayRetailers instils confidence in companies that are just starting to roll out this system in their organization.

It is also possible to automate B2B payments, which considerably improves relations between companies and business-related entities.

The guarantees before suppliers and customers is the compliance with the associated regulations, as well as having a system of information recovery and backup.

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Examples of automated payments

Setting up an automated billing software requires transformation in your company, the hiring of staff and the use of specialized software to make this process successful.

Large companies are already within the digital ecosystem, so small and medium-sized companies must speed up the transformation process.

Below is a list of some examples of these payments and obligations that can be automated:

  • Acquisition of goods, services or raw materials
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Payment of rent of premises, payroll or loans
  • Intercompany transactions

Benefits of the automated payment system

Knowing how the automatic payment works is important to improve brand presence online. This system has great advantages such as:

Time and money savings

The time you used to spend on invoicing can be devoted to other activities that are more important to the company.

Improve customer experience and service

The implementation of this system improves waiting times and generates invoices automatically, instilling confidence in the customer.

Reduce losses due to errors

This tool avoids the mistakes that a person can make when handling updated databases.

Enables better understanding of the customer’s buying habits

This is due to the data generated by this system, which allows us to know the method of payment or how often each customer makes a purchase.

Integration with other platforms is possible

You can integrate software such as CRM systems to obtain more customer data, improve customer experience and segment marketing campaigns.


Although payments are automated, these systems allow you to schedule reminders for actions to be performed.

Data analysis

One of the great advantages of this system is that the data collected is used by your entire organization to improve processes.

ROI (Return on Investment).

This system may seem costly for companies but implementing this tool effectively will result in a positive return on investment in no time at all.

Improve customer service

By getting to know each customer segment better, strategies can be optimized to meet their wants or needs and optimize the payment method.

For this system to be successful, you must also be up to date on changes in the platforms that benefit customers and that they can avail of.

This transformation requires changing your company’s organizational chart and delivering training to employees in the use of these systems and data management.

If you’re planning on setting up a payment platform for your business, PayRetailers can help you do it so you can reach more customers.

Offering them alternatives so that your customers can pay more easily, with any payment method and on any device.

We have a wide range of methods to make automated payments with the support and experience of a company that is present in several countries.

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