Customer experience vs. customer service: what you need to know

improving customer service

A customer satisfaction questionnaire is a tool that will help you gather information that you can follow up with action. 

This means that the data you collect can be used to optimize the customer experience or to improve the service you provide. Both of these are related, but they have important differences that you must take into account to grow your business.


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 What is customer experience?

Experience is a more subjective manifestation. The customer connects with the brand or product and satisfaction arises from there. This is why businesses seek to interact with customers from different departments, mainly the sales department.

However, the experience can be extended even after the purchase is made through specific services that contribute to customer loyalty.

Despite the fact that we are increasingly immersed in a digital world and in e-commerce, personalized contact continues to be highly significant.

This contact will not always be physical, but it comes with the aim of understanding the concerns and needs of the customers or users. To this end, the digital world offers automated tools that expand the satisfaction experience in the virtual realm.

However, for an experience to be effective, the business must have a follow-up process. In other words, advertising, service, the product, and sales must have high quality standards so that trust and loyalty come out of the experience.


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What is customer service?

To improve customer service, your business must have services that meet customer needs. Customer service, for example, is the way in which a business decides to approach its customers, i.e., a strategy designed for them to solve any problems that arise with a product.

The cornerstone of customer service is communication. The staff who carry out the functions of this department must have a command of the language in different registers in order to understand the diversity of messages that come to them.

For that reason, these workstations sometimes have software that aids the effectiveness of communication. In particular, it does so by streamlining and organizing the information to provide specific answers with little room for error.


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Differences between customer service and customer experience

Taking the above into account, we can now highlight some basic differences between customer service and customer experience:

  1. Customer service is a single event on a particular issue in the commercial process between the business and the customer, whereas customer experience is a process that takes into account the various business departments involved in generating a positive emotion in the customer.
  2. Customer service can be a completely objective or transactional relationship with the business, while an experience requires more accurate communication to meet needs in a personalized way.
  3. With customer service, it is the customer who has the goal of communicating a question or suggestion to the business so that it proceeds to take actions and provide solutions. With customer experience, it is the business that must have a clear aim to surprise the customer so that they are amazed and willing to continue being a regular user or buyer.


Benefits of opting for customer experience in an online store

When it comes to online stores or an e-commerce venture, there are many immediate benefits of the customer service journey  because the commercial journey with the customer is more evident. The following benefits emerge from this:

Reduction in costs

The investment in staff to serve consumers can be lowered by automating systems. Software and artificial intelligence can be good allies when it comes to providing answers to questions in real time.

Security for the buyer

Because they are encrypted systems, shoppers can enjoy a shopping experience that is secure, efficient, and fast. These are three features that are highly sought-after by those who make transactions with internet payment gateways.

Capture potential customers

There are two ways for this to happen. The first is personalized advertising through other satisfied customers and the second is marketing that is focused on offering the product in an original way and in line with the brand’s principles or values.

Dissemination in social networks

This can be done not only through marketing campaigns , but also through testimonials made by users or customers who are satisfied with the product or service your business offers.

24-hour connection

Customers can use suggestions or a chatbot to get solutions in online stores.

Customized service that is more precise in communication

In view of the above, the systems developed to serve the customer go further. It is a matter of listening to them or reading their questions so that they receive a timely response depending on their issue.


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5 ideas for your customer experience strategy

To make your customers feel that your business or products are a good option for them, you must offer them different experiences.

  • Create a community of loyal consumers with benefits that spark the curiosity of potential customers.
  • Automated payment methods with payment gateways or digital wallets so that users have more options to purchase the product.
    Customer support with clear, immediate answers to any concerns through calls, live chats with human staff, or chatbots.
  • Use inbound marketing so that you don’t just have consumers or customers, but a community that shares your company’s vision. Alternative digital content that is generated on the basis of the product is the best option.
  • Detailed information and the contextualization of your services or products so that customers feel familiarity right from the outset.


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Bring out the potential in customer experience. At PayRetailers, we help you to see the difference between customer experience and customer service.

That way, your business will be more profitable, because even though these are two different styles, they depend on each other. Essentially, with service that is objective and practical, a particular strategy can be developed to create the experience. Customers will feel that their needs are part of a corporate identity.

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