The company culture at PayRetailers

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Every company has a certain culture, and some companies may be able to create one that helps the business to thrive, while others struggle to keep their employees, and with that, work results tend to become poor and the pace of innovation stalls.

PayRetailers has managed to achieve its own culture and values focusing on Human Resources as a part of the equation, because people are what a company is made of, and everything stands and falls with the engagement of the employees.

From Europe to LATAM

The company has been founded in 2017 in Barcelona, where our headquarters are located. We might be based in Europe, but we are conducting the vast majority of our business in the LATAM region. Our good expertise of the local markets and our presence through local offices is a big plus when it comes to competing for market share. For every single one of our operating countries, we have a strong local operation that makes use of a big partner network and is deeply connected in the local market. When we hire in different locations, we listen to peoples’ needs and adapt quickly to local changes, all in accordance to company goals.

When running a global business and achieving a quick and incredible growth, there are some values followed as a part of the internal organization and as a business model, that are:

Diversity & Respect

We are a global company which means people from different parts of the world, with different nationalities, backgrounds and ideas have joined and are joining our team. Equality in all terms between all our employees at a global scale is vital, and we are setting a good example in terms of respect and inclusion.


As we have been growing globally and with the opening of new offices across Europe and Latin America, smooth collaboration between all of us is essential. Therefore, the communication and willingness to help, taking under consideration the distance in some cases, must be (and has been) excellent in the organization.


We are all leaders of different processes within the company that we need to follow with accuracy, responsibility and according to deadlines. This leadership is key to the success of the company and represents the trust that we have in our employees.


The determination and perseverance in the achievement of our goals is another important matter to be considered in the organization. How we focus based on our goals and objectives, individually and collectively, represents the core that keeps the company in a good track.

Short interview with Esteban Malvicino, HR Director of PayRetailers:

Q: what has been done since the department of Human Resources started a few months ago?

A: We have implemented Human Resources policies from scratch on a global scale and also centralized several processes for a better digital organization. This was necessary to cater for our exponential growth. In 2020, we grew by 170% in staff and this required us to work on new procedures very quickly and effectively, adapting to the different regulations of the markets (countries) we have employees in and where we need to continue growing. Every market has a distinct set of legal standards and regulation, which needs to be analyzed and fulfilled to become part of and be reflected in our internal policies.

Q: What are you planning to do in the future?

A: We will continue having a substantial growth of the company in the current markets, and we will expand to new ones as well. This comes with new challenges, new offices, new infrastructure, and new professional colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise, so the recruitment is going to be a key part within the department of Human Resources.

Currently, we are in the process to make the policies and benefits uniform for all employees globally, taking under consideration the legal regulation of each location and our internal values, following a development plan internally for our employees.

Q: How do you see Human Resources at PayRetailers in the coming months?

A: I see a consolidated team aligned with company culture working towards the development of our people along with the automation, centralization and digitalization of new processes making the workplace a good environment adapted to the fast pace of the organization.