CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2022, by PayRetailers: Independiente del Valle wins the championship and is crowned South American champion


Last Saturday, October 1, Independiente del Valle defeated São Paulo with a score of 2 – 0 in the Mario Kempes Stadium in Cordoba province, Argentina, becoming the champion of CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2022, which was officially sponsored by PayRetailers.

PayRetailers participated in the most awaited final this year

After the two football teams performed well, Independiente del Valle became the champion of the 2022 CONMEBOL Sudamericana that took place in Argentina’s second largest stadium, second only to Monumental Stadium of Buenos Aires. PayRetailers was there.

In addition to the wonderful brand exhibitions obtained from marketing and branding actions during the competition, a management team of PayRetailers went to Argentina to share their enthusiasm for football with South American fans and other well-known sponsors, such as QATAR AIRWAYS, EA SPORTS, Bridgestone, DHL, and MG Motors. As the European Paytech, they are the region’s leading promoters of financial inclusion.

The PayRetailers team consisted of 12 members of the company, who traveled from all over the world to Cordoba province to meet and participate in “La Gran Conquista” of South American football. Participants had the opportunity to share an exciting experience with the large co-sponsors, CONMEBOL administrators, and the FC media team, the agency in charge of the commercialization and sponsorship activation.

In addition, the payment processor with a focus on the Latin American market, employed the journalist Patricio Tarruella, who was committed to covering everything that happened around the impressive final. In his visit, he tapped into the passion of the club’s supporters and engaged in brief interviews with the event’s personalities. PayRetailers was present throughout these events, which increased his recognition.

PayRetailers y Conmebol 2022

“After our alliance with the CONMEBOL Sudamericana competition as the official sponsors for two consecutive years, we can say that our brand has achieved huge quality and exposure globally. In the process, we have been able to expand our business in 12 countries throughout Latin America and merge with nine offices in major markets. Football has accompanied us to become part of our business culture and generate greater social and financial inclusion in Latin America.” Renato Cassinelli, Public Relations Manager at PayRetailers.

A sponsorship to strengthen ties on the continent

Part of the commercial commitment of PayRetailers focuses on investing in sports sponsorships, especially football. As one of the best ways to connect with Latin Americans, you can build rapport and trust through commitment and support for your interests.

Having said that, the agreement with CONMEBOL Sudamericana provides PayRetailers a maximum projection in South America.  With marketing and branding rights in stadiums at the regional level in LATAM – such as advertising fences in the football fields, digital media, and channel communication, Paytech has a strong presence in emerging markets in Latin America.

By sponsoring the competition offered by the most exciting and competitive professional football team on the continent, PayRetailers can reach a high degree of popularity in the entire region to develop synergistic relationships within local markets, in which Paytech has special equipment to provide comprehensive quality services for global merchants in all kinds of industry. These specialised teams that operate or are in the process of transferring borders are expanding their businesses in the region.

Argentina, a strategic online market where to scale with PayRetailers

To establish ties with the world, Argentina’s e-commerce has been accelerating. In a short time, in the training ecosystem at the local level, there has been a very significant transformation, from transactions only with cash to card payments, and to electronic wallets and QR codes, with the aim of digitising all cards.

As revealed by the Banco Central (BCRA), so far this year, compared with the previous year, the number of electronic wallets has increased by 77.8%, and the actual amount has increased by 31.9%.

That said, choosing a payments partner with local knowledge and expertise, such as PayRetailers, who can control payment flows, and provide the tools and services necessary for agile global expansion without setbacks, is one of the key factors to consider when doing business internationally. In this way, the global expansion challenge in a market like Argentina, is overcome.

The international business that constitutes the whole solution in one of PayRetailers is likely to accept the payment methods that Argentines need most, such as VISA card payment or cash payment through Rapi Pago or Pago Fácil, which enables them to improve their operations in Argentina.

In addition, the appropriate growth of international business means understanding and facing different regulations, economic scenarios, cultural differences, consumption habits, suppliers, and payment structures of each country.

The PayRetailers expert team specialises in understanding the challenges of the expansion needs of international merchants in Latin America, enabling them to provide the payment methods most needed by local customers, which is the best way to locate the places where payment processor has operations in more than 12 markets in the region.

Finally, it should be noted that the strategic alliance with CONMEBOL Sudamericana allows the two brands to effectively reach the final consumers of the region. PayRetailers enhance the operations of their global merchants by joining the continent through sport and building a brighter brilliant for all football at the regional level.