PayRetailers Group: Chile is the first stop on the CSR roadmap for social and financial inclusion in LATAM 2023


Companies are important decision-makers and contributors to global change.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a relatively new concept which integrates the positive economic, social or environmental impact of a company with its business model. CRS plays a critical role in staff motivation and in brand perception.

The PayRetailers Group – PayRetailers in Spain, Pago Digital in Columbia and Paygol in Chile – is actively committed to the CSR principles and supports charitable activities in both Latin America and Spain. This year, we begin our Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap in Chile, working in partnership with TECHO.

TECHO is an NGO dedicated to providing essential emergency housing for marginalized communities across LATAM. In Spanish techo means ‘roof or home’.

A Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with local impact

PayRetailers Group operates in Chile through Paygol. Chile has one of the highest levels of digitalization in Latin America – more than 63% of shoppers buy online.

While offering opportunities for companies wanting to expand internationally in a secure and sustainable way, local access to digital payment methods significantly drives financial and social inclusion.

PayRetailers Group recognizes that investing in the common good for the benefit of future generations is key. Developing an inclusive economy means giving a voice to individuals and communities who have been insufficiently included until now.

PayRetailers Group & TECHO: ‘Un Techo para Chile’

‘Un Techo para Chile’ is a 6-monthly housing project aimed at improving the quality of life and security for families in Viña Del Mar.

PayRetailers Group will donate a part of every payment processing transaction in 2023. The proceeds will go towards towards building new homes in Reñaca Alto, Viña Del Mar.

Every 6 months, a voluntary team of Paygol employees will visit Reñaca Alto to offer a practical helping hand with the emergency housing project.

This will not be a short-term project for PayRetailers. We are dedicated to contributing to the development of the region by directly helping families and communities.

PayRetailers’ ongoing social projects

The PayRetailers Group has been working with social causes in Latin America since the start of 2022, engaging with local communities by supporting them in meeting the most basic needs.

This alliance with TECHO in Chile is our fourth CSR project in Latin America. We already work with Manos Unidas in In Columbia, Brazil and Mexico, and with the Aspasim Foundation in Spain.

PayRetailers is a multinational payment service provider based in Barcelona. Inclusion and diversity is one of our main pillars; expanding our footprint in Latin America while contributing to financial, social and environmentally sustainable inclusion.